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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hello Tami Proffitt Photography readers! This is Jodie, from the post below... Tami's blogging BFF and current blog hijacker!

I told Tami I would keep this blog popping up in your Google Readers while she's away... even though I'm so jealous that she gets almost a week away from her kids all I want to do is cry! I mean really, a few days away, on the beach with friends?

Anyone else think it's NOT FAIR?

Or am I the only jealous one in the room?

Green never looked good on me... so moving on! HA!

I love Tami and since she is sweet enough to call me a crafty momma I thought I would go back to my blog from last year and grab a great idea for a kid craft!

Last year, on my old Jodified blog, I did a week long Valentine craft fest. It was really fun, my girls LOVED it and I ended up with the HUGE honor of being published on THIS blog. One of my all-time favorite blogs about crafting with your kids! Check it out if you've never been!

So enjoy this tutorial and if I can get my act together tomorrow I will actually come up with a NEW craft and not just steal one from my former crafty self!


This is a great craft to do with your kids, from as young as mine (2 and 3) to whatever age b/c you can allow your child to do different parts of this craft to make it harder+easier depending.

1. Choose some Valentine colored crayons. We picked red and pink of course!

2. Peel the paper.


(my girls liked this part for all of 5 seconds and then I peeled as fast as I could so they wouldn't completely lose interest!)

3. Buy a cheap cheese grater that you don't mind turning over to your craft drawer and start shaving the crayons. I tried to allow the girls to do this part but I was terrified of scraped knuckles, so again, I should have maybe done this part ahead of time. Live and learn. I also grated all the crayons into a bowl first (something the photo doesn't depict).


4. Lay a piece of wax paper down (we sat on the floor so I put an old beach towel down to protect the carpet) and put the shaving on the paper. The girls LOVED this part! Getting messy a bit, being allowed to choose where to sprinkle the shavings, etc.

5. Cover with a second piece of waxed paper. Wax sides together (this is important!).


6. Start lightly pressing with your iron (I didn't heat mine very hot since the girls were with me and it worked perfectly. Oh, and turn the steam off!

20090124_0031 20090124_0032

7. Heat and press until the shavings have melted. Play around here and experiment! I slid the iron to show the girls how the melted crayon would squirt out of the edges of the paper, I took the tip and "drew" with the liquid crayon, etc. There is NO right or wrong!

20090124_0033 A view when held up at the window...

8. The paper+crayon dries really quickly (make sure you melt the entire paper so that the wax paper melts together even where there is no crayon shavings) and then I cut hearts out of the paper.


I just free-hand cut the hearts but you could trace a cookie cutter or something too!

9. You could stop here and have cute hearts for your kids to stick in their Valentine cards or to glue on paper or whatever, but I like to take our craft projects and make them into decorations as often as possible (it makes me smile to see my kid's art work as decoration) so I took this a step further. I used a small hole punch and punched a hole in each heart. Then I just tied a string (fishing line might have looked better but I always use what I have on hand) to the hole. I wanted to hang ours on our front door so I taped a ribbon across the window and then tied the strings to the ribbon (the ribbon ran at the same height as the break in the screen door glass so from the outside you didn't see the ribbon at all).

20090124_0040 from the inside and the outside...

The girls love looking at them and haven't tried to pull them off (yet!). And it looks so cute hanging beneath the red berry wreath on our door! This could be cute at any window though!

I got this idea from Martha Stewart (my idol) and you can find it online HERE

Of course Martha's look way way better than mine do! Also, these hearts are from just one piece of paper... we still have five papers we made so I will either add more here or we will fill other windows in our house with fun and festive hearts!


Alright! Go and get crafty! And if you like the idea of MORE kid Valentine craft posts this week leave me a comment and let me know! Or if you want me to scram and leave poor Tami alone I can do that too! I'd just love to know what you think!


ps... I have never used Blogger before and I CAN NOT for the life of me figure out how to set the photos! SO if this looks wonky, well, it is! Sorry!


Life In Motion said...

well well well, fancy seeing you here mrs. allen!

NP said...

Thank you Jodie for jumping in and hijacking Tami's blog. I loved the craft idea and it makes me want to jump in and do it with Tami's girls while she's away. :) You are allowed to be jealous of Tami and her trip ... I'll keep my fingers crossed that you also get a well deserved trip soon.
Love & hugs,
Nancy (Tami's MIL)

Anonymous said...

Jodi! I love teh craft idea, I am going to do that with my kids- so cute. ANd I am super excited to read your posts while Tami is vacationing, what a great idea, I love that you can sing her praises as we all love her so much!! Thanks!

The Mommy Teacher said...

Hey! I would love to feature this craft on craftgossip.com! I am the editor of their lesson plan page, and this would be a great craft! Let me know if that would be alright, you would just need to email me a picture of the finished product that is on your blog page! Thanks


maggie said...

Thank you Jodie for the artsy inspiration. I SO want to do this with my kiddos...AND I'd love to meet you someday. Tams just talks the world of you. :)