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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Here is my last session of 2009! It was a sweet one. Also, a family that has the patience of a thousand saints for waiting for their sneak peek. And, a family with crazy cool ideas! I still smile thinking of them.

While I don't share names of my clients, I can't resist sharing the name of the sweetie who happily shows off his baby blues....Mavrec. I not only fell in love with his eyes but his name...if I had another baby, I stress IF...this name would be in a strong running for 1st!

And, NO there was no photoshop help with them. They are 100% his! Let's just say, when the light hits the eyes...it's crystal perfection.

The parents of this sweetie are all organic...
Aw...sigh...a big sweet sigh!
Now...one of my resolutions for this new year is to have pictures of my family taken. And I want anything that could be similar to this with one of my darlings...heck, all three of them.
Shortly after this session, I received the sweetest email from Mavrec's mother. Within the email she wrote how they marveled at how I just jumped right in and did whatever it took to get the right shot, including belly crawling on rooster poop! Which, was actually covering the entire grounds of the location we shot at.

I couldn't help but giggle...and out loud! Honestly, there really isn't anything that could get in the way of me getting a picture that I have played out in my head. And...there is a long list of "ickies" that I've crawled through to get it done! Actually ickies I'll keep a secret as they were that gross! I DO love what I do and love each of the families I work with!

By the way...there are items of my clients that get left in my camera bag on a MAJOR oops! I laughed as I left this session with their antibacterial hand wash...or maybe it was their subtle hint that I needed it a more!

Now for a mini update:
Last week during an email exchange with a client, I was happily called out for working during my vacation! Bwah ha ha ha! I loved it! Those that know me know I can't stay away for too long. Last fall I worked long and hard and I SO needed a break! While I have taken long breaks between computer and email stuff, I did work...it's addiction thing I guess! But when I thought of the email list collecting in my inbox, I got a pit in my stomach!

I don't like waiting, and I can't do that to others. To those that have waited....I so thank you for your patience! I love each of you!

Finally....over the past few weeks I've received several emails regarding a few things....me doing more camera classes and mini sessions. Basically, wondering if I would be offering both this spring. My answer...DEFINITELY!

While I do mini sessions for the holiday season, I wondered why I haven't offered them at other times. Mini sessions basically get a quicky session with a goal in mind, provide ALL edited digital files and prints for a lower cost than my regular pricing.

So this spring, I'll be offering mini sessions in March and April...with a WHOLE new smoking deal. AND, who doesn't like a deal...I DO! I'll be doing a limited number and they really will be a deal that is awesome! AND, if you purchased a gift certificate for this year, you will be able to use towards the mini sessions! If you're interested in the details about my mini sessions, email me and you'll be first on the list before I release to my clients and then my blog. There is a sweet added bonus with the spring mini sessions!

AND if you're interested in a camera class...shoot me a quick email and I'll start sending the details out for these too!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE all of these beautiful pictures of this cute family! I'm sure it was worth the "poop scootin'" :) LYG, N

Anonymous said...

Tami - you are AMAZING!!! I have been checking your blog daily to see our picts (ok...3-4 times a day!!) and was sooo excited to see them...they are terrific!!! Thank you so much for your beautiful words and photos. On another note, your blog is so fun to read! your personality really comes across. Thanks again...Genny

Tami Proffitt said...

aw genny...thank YOU for commenting and sharing such sweet words! truly...thank you! photographing your family was one of my highlights for 2009!

AND...i guess it's kinda scary to think that i read as spazoid as i am in person! maybe i should go on writing medication! HA!