My incredibly fun weekend!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

If you're wondering where I've been...then let me tell you, recovering from a fabulous weekend with great friends, several feet of snow, loads of sledding and a sweet ride on the Polar Express in Northern Arizona.

For a few months, we've had a trip planned to go on the Polar Express and then followed by an amazing weekend in Flagstaff, Arizona. The week before our trip, the weather was not planning on being friendly. Just a few days before leaving, a winter storm had rolled in and 24 inches of snow fell in Norther Arizona. I'll be honest, we were terrified of what we were driving up to. While we were planning a weekend of fun, we also planned to for the potential trapping in a winter snow storm.

But, as we drove up there...with our cars loaded with blankets and enough food to survive on...we were happy to only find perfect driving weather, clear roads and the idea of fun ahead of us.

Our weekend was perfect...while it was cold, it WAS perfect! Our kids had a great time. They loved every second of our fun in the snow, nonstop playing and movies to watch. It was great.

The day we left, we woke up to another snow storm rolling in...

This is what we woke up to.
And a glimpse of the snow falling while we were packing to leave.
And did I mention the massive amounts of coffee we drank while relaxing...often not getting out of our pajamas until noon.
Two of the days there, we spent hours sledding and playing in the snow.
My sweet Cashlyn...the apprehensive twin. The second day of sledding, she was a pro. She was flying down the hills full of giggles, not one reservation and begging for more. She shocked my husband and I. She couldn't get enough. On one ride with her sister, she was riding down on her back and giggling so loud.

There were plenty of snowball fights!
Lots of climbing up hills with sleds.
Showing off random trees....

Time with friends.Kids dressed warm and reminding us of Ralphie from the Christmas movie.
Did I mention loads of sledding?
And learning to walk in a few feet of snow.
Watching grown men tap into their inner child.
My sweet Cam and Rman sledding....and laughing the entire way down. These two have the funniest conversations, we loved listening in on them. Right after this ride, I heard this:
Rman: Cam, are you okay?
Cam: Yeah, I said "who turned off the lights?" (entire ride Cam's hat was over her face)
Rman: I know. Are you okay?
Cam: Yeah, I said "who turned off the lights?"
The conversations were cute and sometimes really random!
This weekend was good. I think what I loved most is that I left my "big dawg" camera at home. I decided I didn't want to think one second about settings. All I wanted to do was take pictures without thinking. Just point, shoot and use the yucky on camera flash. But...within one day of shooting with my glorified point and shoot...I was ready to drop kick it into the several feet of snow.

There's a reason I love shooting manual...because cameras really stink in deciding the best exposure. Don't get me wrong, they do a good job at times....but in snow...absolutely NOT! Do I regret not bringing my big Nikon? Well, not really! I didn't think when I was taking pictures...but it would have been nice as there were several times I got angry with the horrible white balance it shot in, the overexposed snow and underexposed skin. I've spent the last hour trying to fix all of the three things mentioned above. Thank goodness for photoshop!
And where you will find me these next couple weeks....sadly, with not a whole lot of blog action going on. I have my hands happily filled with family time, the never ending scrapbooking I've got in the works, and more family time.

I have to admit, I'm pretty happy staying up til midnight scrapbooking and not looking at my computer for a second. Looking at my piles of laundry and thinking, maybe tomorrow night...and I smile. I'll be in heaven these next couple weeks.

But...I will have a sweet photography playdate with 7 day old twins in a couple days! While I'm technically on vacation...I'm really giddy happy to meet them! Like almost nervous happy....I can't wait. My husband's already told me to take all the time I need to soak up their newborn goodness as that's as close as I'll get to having another baby! each of you...I hope you are having a fabulous holiday season. I hope you are filling your days and nights with complete and utter happiness with your family. Spending your time hugging, laughing and creating happy memories to cherish in the years to come.

Right Cash just woke up from being asleep for 4 hours, telling me she doesn't want to go to sleep by herself. So, off I go to make sure she doesn't. I can guarantee I won't sleep much as she's a roller, kicker and likes to sleep horizontal but I'm okay with that. Because I'm on vacation.


NP said...

What fun pictures! You will have tons of fond memories from that trip. All of the pictures just made me smile...I am so glad the weather cooperated! LYG, N

Jessica N said...

This looks like sooooo much fun Tami!!!!!!

Leah said...

tami...what a fun time! That cabin and snow look divine!! You deserve a break from all of the madness! You are one awesome lady and I love your little blog....I will call some night after the holidays if that's ok...Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

You guys are adorable. and by the way, it was 24 INCHES....not 24 FEET! HA HA!!! It was so much fun digging out of that the next day!
It looks like you had a great time. Did your kids love the Polar Express? We went this year too and Brooke had a great time. Tyler on the other hand is a big skeptic this year with Santa! :(
Anyway, have a great vacation...and next time you're in Flag, call me!

Tami Proffitt said...

oh crack me up! yep...HUGE difference between feet and inches...and you're the first to catch it! HA HA HA! NOW i've had typos but that one is HUGE!

thanks kasie...the flagstaffian!