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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A few months ago, my girlfriend shared with me the cutest story about an Elf on a Shelf. Weeks later, I finally ordered one. And tonight, Santa delivered him. My girls were giddy happy to find him sitting on his box at our front door. And, I think I was happier about him.

We quickly brought him in and the girls couldn't slow down in their ideas on how he arrived. It was so cute.

As a family, we sat on their bedroom floor and read the story that joined him. We went over the rules that we have to follow and talked about what would happen in the days leading up to Christmas. But, I think the best part was coming up with his name.

After much debate, we agreed on his name....Junior.

They thought it was hysterical that he reported to Santa each night on how they did each day. But, that really didn't mean much to them. It then turned into the girls telling him nonstop all the things their friends and cousins have done that they think are naughty...what total tattle tails!

Long after the girls went to bed, my husband and I went about our night and soon found the girls sneaking out of their room looking for him.

Surprisingly, we found him snuggled in our Christmas tree...waiting for the girls to go to sleep.

Again, the girls were talking nonstop about how he got in the tree. And here is just a glimpse of the difference between my girls.

Camryn....she came up with this elaborate story on how he got there. It went something like this.

He jumped down from the counter, ran to the tree and then with his Christmas magic he flew up in the tree to get comfy.

And Cashlyn, she just kept giggling and saying...
No Camryn. That's silly. He doesn't walk or fly. That's silly.

When I told the girls to say good night to Junior...Cam happily blew him a kiss and said good night. Cashlyn just looked at me and laughed. Then told me...No mom. Junior doesn't really talk. Cash is such a realist.
Over the next several days, I can't wait to photograph him in all the weird places he'll find himself. And I'll happily share these just like my friends Lyndsay and Jodie.
And I have to confess....while I really do hold two college degrees...apparently it's toilet paper.
My friend in Flagstaff, who's also a teacher, corrected me from the 24 feet in Flagstaff to actually being 24 inches that fell! Now, that is a huge typo! Thanks Kasie!

And...I was just sent an assignment from my sweet friend who also blogs to list 10 things that make me happy. I can't wait to blog fun is that! I love talking about all that makes me happy!


jodie said...

Maybe Junior and Elfkin can have adventures together like Bob and Twink! ;)

Anonymous said...

What a precious memory! I want to live at your home so I don't miss any special moments like that!!! Thanks for always writing them! Photographing Junior in different places reminds me of Flat Stanley. LYG, N

505 Girl said...

Oh how I LOVE the Elf on the Shelf! We have one too, and I just cannot wait till Luke is old enough to participate in such a wonderful Christmas tradition! Hearing the stories about your girls made me that much more excited!

Anonymous said...

We are NOT allowed to have the elf as MY realist is terrified of the thing and does not want to have it in our house. He has asked too many times... mom it wont come here will it??? Same kid who makes his sister leaver her teeth in the hall so the tooth fairy will not be anywhere near HIM!