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Monday, November 9, 2009

...I shot only with 35mm black and white film. I photographed, the client developed.
...when I thought I knew what I was doing but really didn't.
...and this little beauty was 3 years old....maybe 2.

And...here I am today, lucky enough to still have this beauty to photograph. Sass, sweetness and all.

Also, when this cute little man was in his mommy's tummy.
And now they have their final addition....their dog Cash. Yep, they stole my daughter's name! Lace...I hope there wasn't meaning behind using my daughter's name for your dog! :)
............................................................. When realizing I haven't done a latest and greatest on me lately...I thought, it's about time. But when I thought of my latest and greatest, the first thing that popped in my head was galleries needing to be released, cards to design, sessions to edit, orders to place, order to package/pick up, calls to make, emails to send and how I think I need to move my bed into my office but my husband might not like it too much.

A client recently emailed me, asking me if I ever sleep. I still laugh as though I had read that email for the first time. The answer...it's amazing what I've learned to do on 5-6 hours of sleep.

There is one thing my friends know about me...I'm almost late to everything except when it come to work (I won't mess with light, it's not forgiving). I use to never be late, actually obsessively punctual. But then kids came into my picture and punctuality hasn't been a trait I've modeled with precision.

I also don't like excuses. To me, excuses are just a way of passing "the buck" or blame onto something to make coping easier. I'm all about 100% responsibility. Maybe it comes from teaching children with emotional and behavioral problems...teaching accountability filled every minute I was with my students. I'm a firm believer in teaching by example...and using every moment as a teaching opportunity. So when I made a mistake, I happily owned up to the mistake and learned from it.

Here I am today...feeling like I'm constantly making excuses for falling behind, late to bootcamp, late to my parents, late to a friends...blah blah blah! And, believe me I have the excuses. And this is frustrating me...because the responsibility lies with me...nothing else. Now, I'm not writing this as a self-deprecating blog post, just my outwardly confession.

The only excuse that I can stand strong with is that life is moving faster than what my mental state is able to keep up with...and I'm trying hard to keep pace. So, if you're missing an email from me, or wondering when I'm going to call/email you...I promise I'm getting there. And thank you for being patient.

Ah, patience...and while we're on that note. With the crazy holiday season upon every photographer in Northern America...my labs are moving slower than normal as their fighting hard to keep up with the demands. And, my labs are good...that's why I use them...and they typically are fast. Just not during the holiday season. So...I'm practicing patience as well as I have a hard time moving from one gallery to the next when I have orders waiting to be filled.

And, this post was nice...it was a great vent and confession. But now that I've confessed, the only resolution to the first issue is with me and off I go to be better at accountability.


NP said...

The kids are darling ~ it IS amazing how quickly they grow up isn't it? Just so you know ~ I actually admire you for getting to ANY place even closely remote to being on time. When we had the kids overnight and we had to return them the next day :( to go to Tucson ... I never thought I'd get out of the house until evening and Papa was even helping me! It never fails that something happens at the last minute to delay things even more. Anyone that has ever had children certainly understands all of this. Keep up your great work! LYG, N

Julie said...

I really enjoyed this post. Thank you for being so open and honest. I too struggle with being places in time and I have learned over the years that it is just a part of my personality.....and I don't mean to be disrespectful to the people who are waiting on me as that is not my intention. But I have learned to accept that about myself....and own it. I can't imagine what I will be like with kids...I only have to get myself out the door and that is hard! :) Maybe I will just never leave the house!

I too wonder when you sleep....I think that often when I read all that you get done. You are very impressive Miss Tami!

Tami Proffitt said...

ha julie...i totally own i'm a later person! people laugh at me when they give me a time and i add "ish" to it! it's give me the 15-30 minute i tend to be late!