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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Do you remember this band of brothers? If you've been following my blog for awhile...then you've seen this set before. Last year I captured their sweet sides together on a bench...all boy'd out! White tanks...rolled jeans and just being.

I do have to say, I might have a bit of a soft heart for these three. They're the sons to one of my sweet BFFs...Tehya. BUT, I have an extra sweet spot for the guy in the middle...I met him when he was 18 months old and it's been love ever since. It's actually hard to believe that he'll be 10 in April...ah...I feel old thinking about it.

At the end of her family shoot...yes, her husband was there too, just sharing him later...I literally begged her to do a mini shoot of just her. I loved her outfit and couldn't resist.

Sweet Tehya...when she joins me on shoots...she can be pretty quiet. She actually has a very quiet spirit about her and ever so peaceful.

But, this is the Tehya I see...the one that fills the room with her giggles, smiles nonstop, thoughtful of everyone, and supports me in my good and bad times. I think what I love most about her is she balances me. I guess that's the bonus to her helping on shoots, without her I think I would seriously be bouncing off the walls...she mellows me.

And, any woman that can keep up with three super active grade A in my opinion.
Super sweet little J.

My thumpity-thump-thump Gman. Oh, I HEART him.

Sweet. Soft spirited. Polite....a gentlemen at 9.
And can work the camera like it's his job.
Introducing Big J. This big, works the camera like a pro. sweetly shared himself today inspite of missing a favorite football team's game!

FYI...15 minutes before this was raining and wind blowing so hard that I was thankful I had my camera to hold me down. was 60 degrees! Yikes! For us Arizonians...60 degrees is butt A@$ cold.


Are you ready for this week's lineup...shoots Tuesday-Saturday. Yikes! I'm really cramming them in to soak up all of December. Two of the shoots are reschedules...thanks to the nasty random Arizona weather. One was scheduled and the others are friends that get squeezed in..not full shoots, just a shoot to get THAT Christmas picture and maybe a few bonus ones.

The worse Cam woke up this morning complaining of not feeling good. But as the day went on, she really seemed fine...other then being really clingy to me and super sad I had to leave to shoot. Then when I came home she had a low grade fever, a red nose and it appears something yucky has appeared. She's already woken up 6 times crying...I think it's going to be a long night. My poor baby!

And to make things worse...I have yet to take my own kids pictures for our cards. Now that she's sick, I'm going to do my best to quarantine her from my other two and pray it passes in a few days so that I can shoot them early next week.
A girlfriend recently asked me if my husband and I were joining the kids for a family shoot. I laughed! Sorry, but nope...not this year. But, here's a question I'm going to throw out to the internet...Jodie & Kim...are you guys planning on taking our pictures? HA...just had to do that!

For now...I'm filling my nights with prayers that the rest of us don't catch her yuckies and it passes quickly...and my month of rest comes sooner than later!


Jodie Allen said...

skip the perfect christmas card photo and do what this LAZY mom did this year! ;) it's on the blog!

Jen said...

You make it look SO easy girl. Love these!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how ginormous these darling boys are already. They seem right in their element at this location. Ok, now for their sweet mom ~ LOVE those pictures of you . . . especially the 2nd one which IS you! Oh, poor little Cam ~ I hope at this time of evening she is doing much better and has a good nights sleep. Sounds like you are crazy busy as usual and I hope I can be of some help. LYG, N

thegreatestshowonearth said...

Oh great work! I love the boys & T looks great.