A day to recognize and give honor to!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I couldn't let a monumental day in my family pass by without calling attention to it.

While I think often about the men that have served and are serving for our country, today is the day that I think about the freedom I have. Because of the soliders that have fought in past wars, I am able to live the free life I have today.

And then I think about how I am the not only the proud daughter and sister of two men that have served and currently serve for our country...but that I'm also the granddaughter and niece of a long line of grandfathers and uncles that bravely face battles for our country. For me, this is a definition of nobility.

My father is a Marine. He fought in the Vietnam War and held the position as a Sargent. Sadly, he fought in a war that was controversal and received minimal respect while there and actually had to come home not being able to walk tall after fighting for our country.

I've heard stories from him and my mother on when he returned. How it felt. How the country viewed Vietnam. How he was received. And how he couldn't come home wearing his Marine Corp uniform as it wasn't deemed safe. And it breaks my heart for my father. Because it was a time in his life that was difficult and he is proud of.

Because I've also heard stories of death. How my father was there when his closest friends were killed, often witnessing it. While they were his friends, they were also good men and they fought proudly beside him. They were the son to a proud mother/father, a brother, a father and a husband. And sadly, my father recalls these events as though it were yesterday. It pains him when he recalls the tragic events. We don't talk often about the tragedies he witnessed. Actually, it's a rare occasion. But when it is talked about, it's a time of reverence...it's a time to remember, be proud and be thankful.

My parents have a basement in their home. And in this basement is a little wall that proudly displays him memories of Vietnam. He has a map of where he fought. Frames pictures of him and his friends. And other items of his proud moments during his years of service.

I am proud of my father. I am proud that my father fought bravely for our country despite how the war was viewed. And most importantly, I'm thankful my father instilled in me his faith in our country, commitment to our country, and to be thankful for each freedom we have.

My father...Sergeant Richard F. Garcia.

Dad...I am proud of you.

And I can't end this post without giving recognition to my brother... Leutinent Captain Vincent M. Garcia. Who is currently serving as a Chaplain in the Army, stationed at Fort Brag in North Carolina. He did a recent trip to Afganistan and will be making I think 3 more trips by the summer. I spoke to him briefly this evening and...all I can say is I'm proud of my brother and his commitment.

Happy Veteran's Day!


Anonymous said...

I thought of your dad and brother on Veterans Day and all the other brave people that have served and are currently serving. Thank you for a beautiful post! I think your dad and brother are very special. LYG, N