90 degrees isn't fall...right?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This week in Arizona, our temperatures reached 90 degrees! Seriously...a couple weeks ago it was 60+ degrees. I'm actually not complaining as it's beautiful warm, fall weather. Cool enough that I can have my A/C turned off and have windows open...it's really beautiful.

Today, my mother came out to help and do her "thang"...I mean grandma thing. She's known for creating beautiful lunches, bakes, and I enjoy nice visits with her. Actually very brief visits as she came out so I could work. Anyways, when she came out she brought swimming suits we've left at her house for when we visit her. My girls were unbelievably happy to have these swimming suits. Actually weird how happy they were. They soon were wearing their swimming suits, asking if they could sleep in them and then when we were outside, the sprinklers went on and the girls asked to play in them. My mother and I looked at eachother and thought "why not? it is 90 degrees!"

My Camryn took one sprint through them and decided that was enough. But soon ran to the toddler slide and gave a huge sigh that she wanted to go swimming. I seriously have waterbabies...and I question if we should have cancelled swim lessons. ugh...

While these pictures are water filled fun pictures...they are too cute of my Cam's sweet personality.

Cashlyn...who I really didn't think would dabble in the sprinkler dashes...

...stood, looking, thinking and made a go for it.
Several times!
Then, she started giggling that the water was tickling her eyes...not sure if that's tickling though!
But she did have fun...I actually have dozens of her sprints! She was blowing me away with her energy...she's typically reserved with things like this.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh ~ what fun pictures! LYG, N

Julie said...

No you are right 90 degrees is not Fall weather! :) But don't you just love the light..... if I could bottle up one thing it would be the way the light shines in Fall...it is just magical..and you pictures really capture it nicely.

Danielson Family said...

Love it - My boys were doing the same thing today! Only in Arizona.

The Toenjes Family said...

Make me LAUGH! My kiddos wanted to go swimming so badly today so I thought the same thing...it is almost 90* so why not! The big kids just got their feet wet but Ava was in up to her chest. Gotta love AZ.