All things girly!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The mommy of this sweet set of twins is also an amazing creator of all things cute and girly!

The creates the cutest bows, puffs, and fluffy hair creations.

One of the newest creations is her puffy goodness. The best part, I left this shoot with one of her newest creations...which my girls absolutely love. Cashlyn wore it in her hair on Monday and couldn't stop checking it out in every mirror she could find! SO cute!

Here is a sample picture of one.

And a glimpse of her bottle cap necklaces! So girls have a couple of these that my girlfriends have given them...which they love!

I honestly couldn't think of a cuter gift for a little girl.

One of her sweet tags!

You can find more of her gorgeous creations at local boutiques and on a link provided on the left side of my blog....tutus and all things girly!


Anonymous said...

What a little sweetie pie ~ LOVE all the great creations and hoping I'll see some hair puffs tomorrow :) LYG, N