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Monday, November 23, 2009

This year marks the third time I've been fortunate to work with and photograph this adorable set of twins. Whom by the way are turning 3 in a few weeks.

Any parent of twins can just smile and laugh when thinking of the pictures they've had taken of their twins. The chaos. The silliness. The umteen attempts at getting a picture of them two of them together...sitting nicely for more than a millisecond.

Getting a picture of twins together is a hope...a high hope. But what I love about parents of twins, of course they long for this peaceful picture...but they are laid back in whether or not they get it.

What I can say, as a photographer of several families with twins and a mother of does get easier with age. And, what I've found...the magical age tends to be around 3.

This shoot is just the example of this. The parents are incredibly relaxed and the twins were fabulous. Totally rocking out this shoot.

And, they stole my heart.

This picture makes me laugh out reminds me of myself with my twin sister when we were little. The thought of her kissing or hugging me drove me to run...and to run fast. I remember her chasing me around our kitchen table, trying to kiss me and me calling out to my mom to make her stop. With my sister telling me I had to do what she wanted because she was older than, like 7 minutes.
The energy and happiness in this cutie...could be bottled up and sold in the masses.

This shoot was bittersweet. It was just a reminder of how blessed I am to watch gorgeous children grow up. And then the sad reminder of how fast time passes.

I wanted to give each of you a little heads up on an announcement I'll be making on Thanksgiving Eve.

I recently read a little reminder on life...that was just a spark to light this fire. It's this idea that I'll use as my clue.

"Be kind. It will come back to you. I promise."


Anonymous said...

These are so sweet. I love the ones in the chair together and of course your darling story with you and your sweet sis ~ I can just picture the two of you doing that :) It reminds me of Cash and Cam when Cash didn't like those kisses so much either. LYG, N

KramerKrew said...

And yet again they're wonderful...course Kev is wondering where he is lol.

The kids haven't stopped jumping - I think they're practicing for next time ;)