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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Life has been crazy busy with work but since my major mommy guilt post...I made some serious changes around here. For some reason, life has to wait for it to hit rock bottom with my mommy heart before I put changes into play.

There isn't a list of changes that were made just ONE BIG CHANGE! Put my kids first! Work will have to wait but my time with my kids won't. Because once I really opened my eyes, I realized life is flying by and when I stopped to think about it...I noticed Halloween was just weeks away. Whoa...last I checked I think my summer break was just ending and here I am burning Cinnamon candles and baking Halloween sugar cookies.

One thing I do have is a list of the fun things we've been filling our days with. Here it is, in no particular order.
~ 3 picnics
~ two trips to the park
~a grass in a cup science experiment
~made homemade sugar cookies and frosting, alone and with friends
~a trip to the mall to ride the carousel
~lunch at Chick-Fil-A, ONE too many times
~a trip to the Disney store to start their Christmas wish list
~doing laundry together, then folding the clothes and refolding them after we found ourselves buried in clean clothes and hiding from eachother (this was actually my girls favorite)
~made banana shakes
~lots of puzzles
~made a jack-o-latern (thanks teacher/aunt kimi)
~a few dinners at a friend's house {aka playtopia}
~rollar skating {at pretty much the slowest speed known to mankind, really tested my patience}
~a nature scavenger walk
~random science experiments with water, nothing notable just fun with water, I know there's tons more just can't think of them. But what I do love is that when I think of the past couple weeks, I just think of this list of fun things we've done and start thinking of what we can do next.

There is one thing I never want in life.... living with regret.

This week we've had a few big things going on. The biggest one that is breaking my heart is hearing that my girl's swim teacher is moving. When I heard this, my eyes literally filled with tears. I love her, my girls love her and I have no idea what we'll do without her. She is an amazing teacher that is passionate about teaching kids to achieve in swimming and to love every moment in the water. We have two weeks left with her and those will be my girls last weeks of swim school. After she leaves, we'll be taking a break from the last 2.5 years of swim lessons and then we'll feel like the fish out of water. My girls love to swim and personally, I think they are extremely good swimmers. Not that I'm training the girls for the Olympics but I'm definitely thinking we might have a couple athletes on our hands.

And on another note....
Please pray for Miss S's dear family. Please pray for strength, wisdom, courage and support in these next few months for her parents. And please pray for peace for Miss S.

I couldn't rave enough about them. They are amazing with beautifully, sweet spirits that are facing the most difficult time in their life.


SloneFamily said...

I think about that sweet little baby all the time Tami... nothing has captured my heart MORE than that single story on your blog.

As for the Girlies... WOW they are getting so big! You should have NO mommy guilt whatsoever, look at your giant list of things you have been doing! Go Girl :) It's a sign with Miss Loraine.... Bring them back to Dance!!! We miss you guys :)

NP said...

I am smiling at all the fun things you have been doing. I was so sad about the swim teacher too :( Love that you were able to get both girls in the picture going down the slide. Keep enjoying the fun!The prayers have been there for that beautiful family and will continue. LYG, N