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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This family is simply characterized by their love for each other. A love that is tightly bound, intertwined, and unconditional.

The daddy/daughter bond is truly unbreakable. They are truly best friends. Not to mention this young lady holds the 55th place in the world's golfing community...astounding I tell you.
And young C...who is a completely hysterical crack up. Definitely the family comedian...he made his mother and I laugh rather easily.

At the end of the session, I was that sappy photographer with tear filled eyes from my time with this beautiful family. And the tears that filled my eyes weren't from the hysterical fall I gracefully performed in front of them.

Which by the way {insert topic change}, I was happy when I had a few photographers email me their "graceful prepping for the shot" stories. Their stories were just a reminder on how a photographer will do just about anything to get the picture.

A fellow valley photographer, Michele, literally had me laughing out loud at her which when she was backing up and framing her shot...she backed her squishy tushy into a pile of dirt, fell and then proceeded to slide down! And in front of her clients....LOVE it Michele! And thanks for sharing. And this fellow photographer, Leah...thank know I love you and you can totally make me laugh.

To the H family....thank you a million times for having me over and welcoming me into your home. Your gallery will be ready sooner than later!


Anonymous said...

I love all these pictures of this family ~ maybe also because they were so kind to you when you fell. LYG, N