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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

During this crazy time of year...it's beyond important that I stick to my workflow or else I look like a jumbled mess going here and there between galleries. So, tonight as I went through this recent session in picking my favorites my mother heart was pulled to the pictures where this little one was with her all time favorites...her dolly and lovey.

I couldn't help but wonder...

I wonder how long our babies will cling to their favorites. I wonder when their love for their "things" will fade.

Introducing Miss A with her all time favorites.

This pulled at my heart because my blonde baby once only had eyes for her binky and her blanket. Her heart would beat at mach speed when she would have her blanket sweetly tucked between her binky, right by her nose so she could have her perfect, comforting smell.

Around 2 we traded her binky in for a Build A Bear kitty and that stage in her life is now tightly stitched in her a kitty cat. And now the love for her blanket seems to be slowly fading. {sniff sniff}

Sadly, I have to admit...not long ago you could find me trying to remind her how much she loved her binky while trying to convince her to love it again. With only my husband telling me I was a nutjob and to leave her binky stage in her past. But now, as she seems to rapidly rounding 4 years old...I want this stage back. I want her simple baby love back. I want my baby back. I want to fight with each fiber in me, to slow this aging thing down.

While I'm sure her dentist is cringing at the thought of me being her binky pusher BUT I want my binky baby back. I.WANT.IT.BACK!

As a mommy to mommy thought...cherish these days. THEY are fleeting. While it can seem like your worst enemy to always remember having this in tow...cherish these days. Because I miss them...my mommy heart misses them.


Anonymous said...

My grammie heart misses them too but I love each and every new adventure as well. What a little cutie in the picture. LYG, N

SloneFamily said...

Ohhhh, Tami, I so badly want to give Tay Tay her binky back because I feel like she is still my baby and I rushed her out of it because of my pure hate for these things, and for Chloe's desperate need to be done, BUT now yes I am sad about it :( Time needs to slow!

Anonymous said...

Her dentist is a mommy too and feels your pain ;)