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Sunday, September 20, 2009

How about starting with I'm in a world of hurt when it comes to narrowing down the keepers from tonights session.

...here is just a teeny tiny, sneaky peeky as a clue.
This sister duo...is classic. This is the second time I've photographed them and I was in heaven.
The lighting tonight was not just pretty or beautiful or breathtaking or stunning...it was the kind that lead me to singing praises. Which isn't always the best since I'm tone deaf.

I started tonight's shoot as I do with each one...metering the light...figuring my settings. With my very first test shot...I smiled BIG. I couldn't contain my excitement...and I had to share it.

So, I turned to the parents of these cuties and prefaced it with, "I'm sure you could care less but you have to see this killer light!" To A and C...thanks for entertaining my sharing the highlights of my job!
Finally...this young beauty. There honestly wasn't a moment in this session that she didn't NAIL what I was wanting.
This session was probably one of my fastest sessions to date. It killed me though...I could have shot for at least another 45 minutes...but there was one problem. The mosquitos were dive bombing us like it was WW3. I literally left with 7 bites on my upper right arm. But each bite was definitely worth the overwhelming feeling I'm having at chosing my favorites from this amazing session.
Up next on my blog:
~sample pictures of my favorite "newest" gallery piece, The Brag Book.
~a few peeks from a session with 11 girls...which not one of them was under 5'6" and I'm 5'4".
~maternity album
~AND...I been asked a couple questions regarding the pictures of my girls in the bathtub and whether I used the flash in them. I did not... Here's my opinion on the flash.
Flash=BAD results
I'll be posting more on this in the upcoming week...I'm hoping.


Leah said...

So cute Tami! That light is DIVINE! Mosquitos are killer out there!

Tami Proffitt said...

Thanks leah...sadly, it's been a while since I shot there and I'm thinking my mommy brain didn't have me prepared enough!

SloneFamily said...

What cute girls...my gosh, and the skirts are to die for! Hope you are well Tami Girl. We miss you and the kiddies :)

Anonymous said...

The light and girls are simply amazing. Sorry about the mosquitos.