Mini Gift Album Set!

Monday, September 21, 2009

This isn't just you're ordinary mini album set...this is THE brag book set.

This gallery piece was just added to my gallery pieces and is hands down my favorite item. It is perfectly cute and makes such a statement.

Here are the fun facts on this "MUST have" item.

~It's sized 3x3 inches.
~Presents your favorite 10 pictures in a sweet layout.
~pages have a linen texture {my favorite}.
~Album covers come in two finishes....eurohyde and linen cloth.
~Sold in a set of 3.
~This is a perfect gift item...the "what can I give my parents that don't need anything" perfect item.

You might remember a post with this picture. This is the set of three brag books with a eurohyde cover.
Here are a few highlights of the book alone. But trust me...the pictures do not do this piece any justice.

This album is now one of my sample pieces. Why? Well, if you look close enough to read the 19.5 ounces possible?

Reason #5,689 why I shouldn't create albums, or cards, late at night.
The best part of these they are being offered to all my holiday sessions as part of my gift line up. Which, within this line up the prices are lower than my regular pricing... another added perk to scheduling a session with me this holiday season. This item is among two other sweet gift pieces.

While all my ordering is done online, as in person ordering isn't conducive to my family priorities....I'll be taking up the role of the traveling salesman. I will be bringing this piece, among other sample pieces for you to hold, touch and see in person.

Honestly, this makes me uneasy. It reminds me of retail stores where the salesclerks work off commission. Please know, I am not a pusher...I simply know how I would prefer to see it in person and want each of my clients to have the same. So, please don't think I have the used car salesman or pushy clerk's simply available for you to see in person. When you have a session with me...if I don't bring it out...please ask as I'm probably feeling shy about this.


SloneFamily said...

That is so cute. What a great christmas gift for Grandparents. Email me details!!!

Michelle @ Sweet Moments said...

Girl, you crack me up!! Love the 19.05oz and the fact that you called yourself a 'pusher'... hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Michelle ... YOU even thinking of yourself as a pusher cracks me up. I LOVE this little book, and you're right ... it's important to hold it and touch it because it's so wonderful! I can't get enough of looking at this sweet family :) LYG, N

thegreatestshowonearth said...

I love you and your commentary.