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Friday, September 18, 2009

Just of my girls asked if they could feed Easton. AND I smiled big...and thought...YES! How fabulous would it be if I could have one of my girls feed Easton while I finish cooking dinner and wash dishes. Oh, the good life!

Then...after 5 minutes of Cashlyn feeding Easton and me in my dinner making world...I didn't pay attention. Imagine how loud I giggled when I saw my son wearing more of his dinner than what made it in his mouth. AND I giggled louder when I unbuckled him from the highchair to find it half way down his diaper and covering his legs.

I don't ever want to forget this moment!
Um, yeah...Easton wasn't a huge fan of my picture taking and really wanted to be green bean free. Oooo, but I just love this face. the night went on...I had promised the girls that they could have a bubble bath in our bathtub. Right after dinner, Camryn asked if she could get the water started. Sure, why not. When I went in, I found the entire bottle of bubble bath empty, two very happy little girls and one very wet floor.

When they saw my reaction, they surely thought they were in trouble. I'm sure it didn't help when I darted out of the room for my camera....and came back to little girls just staring at eachother now knowing what to make of me.
ISO 1600 35mm f2 SS 1/125
My mommy heart melts when I look at the picture below.

Just as I'm finishing up...Cash stops me...telling me to take a picture of her looking like this. I shouted a double YES YES...little models in training.
I love my babies....I love being a mommy...I love my crazy days....and I honestly could have baby after baby after baby...but I'm not thinking my bankbook would do so well. So, I'll say I'm more than happy with my three. That these three give me more than what I could have imagined in my crazy dreams.
Random side note:
Just a few minutes ago, I received one of the sweetest emails. That literally made my eyes well up with tears.

I'll skip the bulk of the email and go straight to the sweetness...
Hi Tami,
I am Michele's mom and I have been here in Phoenix for this week.

I love all your pictures of {blank} , my heart melts at the sight of him, but BUT you have captured the essence of Michele in such a way that I praise God for allowing me to live to see her as a mama.
{insert my sigh and I'm here again welling up with tears!}

Congratulations on being so busy, you deserve your success.

THIS...this...THIS what drives me to work until 1 am each night. That forces me to get in my car to leave my babies. To capture those in a manner in which we want to remember them at that that stage in life. This is the good life.

I'll be honest, after today being filled with fun at Michael's, Chick-Fil-A and a couple hours swimming...I had to working worth my time away from my babies? While in my heart, I know it's healthy for me to have time away, my heart is always with them. BUT it is this email that reminds me that I love my job. I REALLY do.

I love my clients. I love photographing them. I love saying odd things for reactions. I love snorting like a pig for giggles. I love leaving a shoot with my jeans covered in grass stains, my feet blacker than a black jelly bean and dirt in areas that really gross me out. I love hearing how parents meet. I love the story of each child's life. I love ... love every aspect of my job.

Wait...I don't love working late at night...I don't love it when my computer speaks Japanese when I need it talking English...or when Photoshop want to color like a three year old...or the papers that irractically decorate my desk.

But I do love my clients and that's good enough for me.

Karen, thank you! Thank you for taking the time to write that out. Your note will leave me smiling for days.


Anonymous said...

Kelly and I are laughing our heads off right now ~ too cute!!! What a sweet and thoughtful note you got from Karen ... of course it made my cry! LYG, N

velvet brick said...

You are an angel.

Jessica N. said...

The ones in the tub are SOOOO cute!