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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lately, I feel like just when things start getting better...another large bump pops up in the road.
BUT then...along comes the most amazing thing in my life {next to my family}...the Apple Genius Bar. Yes...you read that right. I'm a Mac convert...and I'm giving my testament that it rocks. And not only does the Mac rock but the Genius Bar...okay, seriously. Each genius that works at this place is literally a genius. They can solve anything and everything....I honestly believe there is nothing they don't know. Now, I just need to figure out how they can now solve personal problems. hee hee

After yesterday's session...I wasn't feeling too hot....but loved every second of my shooting time. So, when I came home to download the pictures....I got a few not so good messages pop up on my computer...UGH!

This totally put a cramp in my pre-planned productive Thursday.

Laundry....getting done
Grocery list....written out
Get down to crazy editing business....postponed

I then headed down to the Apple store and met with a FLIPPIN' Genius and I was set on the road to recovery. Sadly, it just took a bit to get recovered. But alas, I did!

As I type, my computer has been doing a serious clean out for the past 3 hours and it's still going....oops! Remember....previous post on rat holing files on my computer. Well, it's clean up time.

So...all I have to say...
DO NOT be disappointed if your child wants to grow up to be a Genius at the Apple store.

Now...introducing two of my favorite kids to photograph. I not only love them, I really big puffy red heart love them. What I love most is they are just themselves when I photograph them....and they tolerate me. These cuties are typically the sweeties that I try out funky ideas with....most working and most not.

Here are just a few random favorites...

Now...I'm not getting to side tracked from my workflow! And just to hold me accountable, here's what's up next for processing....
T Family
T wedding
P Family
T children

To be done...
S newborn
E newborn


Anonymous said...

I'm finally getting back to blog stalking :) LOVE these pictures and whereever they were taken. LYG, N

Jackie said...

Oooooh! LUH-HUV that last one!!!