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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This past month, I've gone from saying there seems to be non stop bumbs in life's road put a GIANT mountain smack dab in the middle of my road in life.

When trying to climb over the very steep moutain, I did the following....
sat on the verge of an emotional breakdown and drank an entire bottle of wine in one night. And, the wine was gooooood!

Every single thing that could happen did happen, from Easton having a massive double ear infection to having drop shipped baby announcements arriving minus envelopes. While many of the events were small, it was collectively as a whole that was overwhelming.

After the nonstop drama...I don't even want to think about it. At this point, it is sunny skies here on out.

In celebration of the bright shining sun, here are a few of the happy highlights following these past few weeks.

~First and foremost, I watched a friend go through a tragic time in her life to only see her becoming a better person. Leaving me in awe of her strength, clarity, decisiveness, purpose and overall positive disposition. For me, this is an example...when I'm in tragedy...I'll be honest...I am a giant complaining and whining cry baby. It's humbling, humanizing and most importantly eye opening. My friend, if you're reading this, I hope you're sitting up tall right now. And please, don't sit anymore...stand tall and be proud of yourself. Watching you try to float during these hard times is paving your new road in life with gold.

{on a lighter note}
~Season premieres...woot woot!

~My beautiful DVR....I literally was holed up in my office during every working hour.

~Finally tracked down the fun colorful sodas, to be delivered to three adorable little kids.

~Fully edited the 7 sessions that have been on my computer's "to do" list. Oh, it feels good to check those responsibilities off.

~My beautiful twins, that within these past weeks have taken their relationship beyond sisters to best friends. It has been beautiful to watch.

~Hearing my oldest twin starting to dream of what she wants to be when she grows up. From being an astronaut, teacher, and Tinkerbell {yes, you read that right}....she has always followed it up with wanting to be a mommy first. {sigh}

~Watching my Camryn genuinely be a sweet girl, with a kind soul. She loves all and thrives on helping others.

~Easton showing off big smiles again.

~My husband having a fabulous hunting trip.

~My mother in law...who bravly faced my germ infested home to help with the kids so that I could make sense of the giant atom bomb that fell on my computer and Photoshop.

~And booty boot camp...for kicking my $%& and I'm loving every single minute of it.

Right is good.

Since a post isn't a post without a picture, here are just a few from a recent session.
{just to note...this is not the fountain I have dreamed up for a fabulous shoot..stay tuned for that one}

Now...on a fun note. Tonight I finally caught up on Big Brother. And the season finale...just a few catty opinions.

Julie Chen truly struts her stuff in the latest and cutest maternity fashion. So, please correct me if I'm wrong but did Julie Chen's season finale outfit really look like a diva-d out Snuggli. Seriously!

And Russel...please tell me he did NOT wear a button down shirt completely buttoned down..ugh! Someone needs to tell that man that a button down shirt wasn't named that because it was supposed to be worn completely buttoned down. But, I'm going to give him the benefit of doubt since I'm not exactly a model of the latest and greatest fashions.

Now, I digress! I come. I love good reality show, background noise as I edit at night.

Up this weekend...a fun with 11 girls and a separate shoot with two very sweet girls.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Tami, the kids look adorable in these pictures! I'm glad you're starting to breathe again AND I LOVE every single moment that I can spend with you and the kids...I'll be back again soon :)I'm thinking for sure on Monday so you can work on your ginormous shoots from the weekend AND so you can shake your booty at Boot Camp w/o having to haul children. I love you tons and am thankful for YOU! LYG, N