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Monday, September 14, 2009

Life around here has been pretty crazy...who am I kidding...like out of control crazy. And as I've written before, I'm so over it. But the best part is...all I can do is laugh at this point.

And what I can also do is smile...smile for the fabulous people around me. One of which is my goddess assistant, Mariah..who handles my schedule, orders and me. The best part...she's my friend.

Here are her two darlings...

While I do love boys as sweet as they come...
...this is how I really love them.
You see, in my pre-mother life...I was a teacher. And for 8 years, I taught classrooms filled with boys...occasionally I had a girl in my class, but the bulk of my students were boys. Boys keep me laughing and on my toes. And they are FULL of personality.

Yesterday, I had a fabulous session with two boys I met almost a year ago. And while their parents ... gave smirks to their nonstop activity...that is just how I like them. This session was incredibly fun. Definitely stay tuned for more of these sweet brothers.


Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful pictures of Mariah's darling children! The sweet picture of the brothers made me laugh. They look like good buddies. LYG, N

SloneFamily said...

Nice to put a connection with the 2 adorable kids who continuously pop up on your blog! They are sooo cute!