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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Short on words but so in love with the newborn sessions I've been editing!


I happy to write...booty boot camp is good! My muscles on the other hand are in shock...they're not quite sure what to make of the workouts. Yesterday was a kick butt day...and with ten minutes before the workout finished, I DID think I was going to puke!

My baby sick still has a yucky cough, I headed to Target to buy a humidifier andVicks rub...AND somehow a bottle of wine found it's way into my basket. I giggle when thinking what the cashier must have she checked me out. And, I'm happy write the bottle of wine tasted very good!


Anonymous said...

Thank God for good wine ~ it can work miracles on sore muscles :) Darling babies! LYG, N

Cheela said...

So glad the wine found its way into your basket. Hope you enjoyed it a lot!!

velvet brick said...

LOL! Tami - I think the bottle of wine must have hit the spot and THEN some!! (is laughing out loud at the typos!) You go, girl!! : ))

Tami Proffitt said...

ha ha ha! yep...the typos can give an hint of the exhaustion over here! i sadly knew of the mass amount of typos and didn't care! LOL!

without the fabulous help from Nancy, i honestly wouldn't keep my head above the water!