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Thursday, September 10, 2009

A few facts on baby Ty....
~ not a fan of being naked
~ finds the baby sling uncomfortable
~ loves be swaddled
~ easily comforted by his mommy
~ MOST importantly, loves to be photographed
or at least that's what we told ourselves when we just couldn't stop snapping away with my camera.
My personal update:
The picture below perfectly describes how I felt as I was waking up...the muscles in my arms, thighs, abs..who am I kidding! EVERY single muscle in my body! What's was nice! pain, no gain!

For now...since Wednesday, I made a few new friends. Introducing a few:
~push ups
Tomorrow I get to hang with each of these new buddies...and I know it was pretty nice on Wednesday, I have a feeling it's going to be a bit more hardcore tomorrow. And yes, I'm kinda scared!
Another new friend.....

LYSOL® Disinfectant Spray
If by any chance you notice a bloom of mist in the far east's okay, it just the bombing I have planned for every crevice in my home. I went to Target and bought a small piece of stock in Lysol products.

Sadly, Easton is sick AGAIN....and sounds miserable. What the &%$#? This is now ridiculous....

What's even more ridiculous, is just hearing on the news about swine flu parties... basically beating the infecting process by exposing your children to it. Now, who the heck would willingly put their children through such misery and potentially risk the worst outcome from this flu. Now...I don't mean to get pushy with my opinion but I can't help it on this one. My babies have been sick on and off for almost a month...and my mommy heart breaks for them. I digress!


Leah said...

Tami...your newborn pics are so creative and beautiful! I love them....sorry your man is sick...that is a bummer. And I can't wait to hear the results of bootcamp....I need to do one of those!

Anonymous said...

Love looking at these most recent precious angels you photographed!!
You even make the Lysol cans look good ~ ya gotta love the different colored cans. I'm saying my prayers for C, C, & E ...and YOU! Keep up your great work in bootcamp ~ I'm so proud of you!

Alexandra said...

Wow! These photos are to die for.. they are so cute!!!!