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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yesterday was a super crazy day...crazy worries and crazy fun!

I had a scheduled newborn shoot, that was actually a week later than the original session date because I had gotten sick. When I woke up to it being very dark and pouring rain, I won't lie...I about fell right out of my bed with HOLY #$%&! This can't be happening.

But when knowing how Arizona weather is, it could be pouring rain for a solid hour and then be bright sunshine for the rest of the day...I decided to go through with the session. Knowing, we WILL make it work. And I am here to write it did work and it is probably my favorite newborn session. Favorite for a few reasons...I had an incredibly easy going baby to photograph, a fabulous assistant, one unbelievably nice mother to work with and locations that added THE perfect touch.

I still giggle thinking about this session...Why? Well, it was held at a home in the final stages of renovations, nasty mud that I not only sat in but laid in, puddles that I pretty much tap danced through, getting pooped and peed on, and all around wetness surrounding a gorgeous home.

Meet my sweet friend/assistant, Tehya. Also known as, "the baby whisperer".

The prepping for one sweet shot! A shot that Tehya and I loved!
Near the tail end of this session, we had another attempt at taking some naked pictures of baby Ty. Whom by the way hadn't done his number 2 business yet....until...until....I was holding him. Right now, I'm literally dying laughing as I think of the details of this moment. Me holding baby Ty and the "event" taking place in my hand and on my foot. And Tehya was ever so thoughtful to pick my camera up and snap this moment. And a few minutes later...decided to go number 1 and miss Tehya's head by an inche as she was cleaning my foot but thoughtfully sprayed me. His mother caught the tail end of this and joined in our laughter. Ah, the fun moments of newborn photography.
And finally, the stunning mother of sweet baby Ty. What made me excited for this shoot was getting to know baby Ty's mom through our email exchanges and phone chats. She is not only a gorgeous woman on the outside but one incredible woman on the inside with an amazing spirit and generous soul. Mrs. M...thank you. Thank you for being wonderful and having a wonderful family. Stay tuned for more cuteness from this session.


Anonymous said...

I'm laughing right now reading about your crazy but fun adventures for this shoot. Besides the baby and mom looking FABULOUS you and Tehya are ADORABLE! LYG, N

Julie said...

Love..Love this story! Wow who knew so much could happen. When I come home for a visit in December I would love to tag along on one of your shoots...and watch your magic. It would be so inspiring!

Jodie Allen said...

HAHA! Knock on wood, I've never been pooped on OR peed on at a session! :)

AND... you are SO cute! You need to post more photos of YOU!!!

Tami Proffitt said...

julie....YOU let me know when you're home and i can definitely have you join the craziness of a session with me! i can always put you to work! :)

jodie...thank you! and thanks to tehya as i'm thinking that's the only way i'll be in front of the camera!

Karen Fallon said...

Tami, My heart leaps for joy at your comments about Ty and Michele. to have someone else appreciate the Michele we've known all these years is the most wonderful gift to us all.
You are a phenominally talented, skilled expert, loving entrepenuer of art.
Many thanks, her Mama