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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A week ago, I scheduled a very last minute shoot for one amazing family.

Since this scheduling...I've literally spent every day thinking about this session...how it would play out, what I had in mind and what to write when sharing their pictures.

But, before I write more...I want to introduce ONE incredibly beautiful, 13 week baby girl...baby S...with quite the perfectly manicured toes if I might add.
And her parents, that are not only astounding individuals but one strong as steel, set of parents that are not only infatuated with their daughter but with eachother.

Strong because a few weeks ago, they heard the grave news that their daughter has a very rare genetic disease called SMA, Spinal Muscular Astrophy. Click HERE to read more able this disease.

But then came the times....the times where baby S's dad shared how helpless it feels to not be able to help his daughter. Helpless to not answer the questions they have. Helpless to not fix what's wrong. Helpless to not be able to find medicine to cure this disease.

And to see her mother's eyes fill with tears when saying how she only wants to hold her daughter. How she can't resist rocking her baby to sleep everytime.

And finally....simply watching their baby sleep peacefully and feeling their hearts overflow with the unconditional love that they want to keep their daughter tightly wrapped in. Imagining themselves waking up from this horrible nightmare.

Since scheduling this session....I've thought...what am I going to write when I post these pictures. How am I going to write their story. How can I give their love the justice it deserves.

When driving home, I found myself crying and thinking....thinking their story is simply a story filled with love...love for their daughter. Whom came into this world, welcomed with loving arms and smothered with kisses. She was blessed with two amazing parents that adore her. SIMPLY love her. And loves that baby girl more than any words I could write would describe.

Right now, I just want to celebrate this beautiful love.

This evening was beautiful.


Anonymous said...

You captured the love of this beautiful family just perfectly Tami! I will keep all of them in my prayers. LYG, N

Marchi Wierson said...


Jodie Allen said...

so gorgeous tami! so beautiful.

Leah said...

There is nothing more sweet than a family doting on their baby...what precious pictures....this is one of the many reasons why I love photography....lovely Tami...and that location is pretty!

barb said...

My thoughts and prayers to this family. What a beautiful session Tami - something they will treasure forever.
with love, Barb

Anonymous said...

Tami, you captured the love shared between these three beautifully!