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Monday, August 24, 2009

Wow....or phew...or how about another WOW...!

This past week has been one heck of a week. It was a week that required consumption of a full bottle of wine, unfortunately wine has yet to hit my lips.

~Received an order of 4 gallery wraps this week. Seriously, it was like adult Christmas. I knew what was arriving and knew it would be fabulous...but then went over the moon in happiness when I opened the four glorious wraps. {one of which was mine} There is nothing, NOTHING better than a gallery wrap of your favorite picture.

~Found a fabulous preschool for my figuring out how I can make it work.

~FINALLY went through Easton's clothes and put away pieces from when he was a newborn. Okay...seriously people...this was a huge feat!

~Made my favorite cupcakes with my girls. There is nothing sweeter than Funfetti by Pillsbury

~Had a slumber party with my twin sister and kids.

~I had my husband come home from a hunting trip and made me a sweet dinner. I just love him!

~Watched two of my girlfriends go through devastating events...I spent the majority of the phone calls crying with them. There are days that life just is not fair.

~Camryn came down with the nastiest infection. Took her to the doctor on possibly one of the worst days in my mommy history...thankfully my bestie came to my rescue by watching two of my kids while I took Cam to the doctor. Honestly, I think she heard the desperation in my voice when I called her at work for help as my silent plea. AND this was the day that my husband left out of town until today.

~I had one of the biggest screw ups in my business' history. So bad, I can't say it outloud.

~My baby boy battling two seriously stubborn teeth.

~This weeks events totally screwed my workflow up.

I always chuckle when I get asked how I do it...juggle three kids and a photography answer, I don't. I apparently let it juggle me based on how this past week went.

But, the best part is...that week was last week and this is a new week. With new ups and I can't wait to celebrate them.

The best part of this past weekend was having my sister come stay a night with me and I got tons of oohing over my niece Isabelle. Here's a little flashback....

Two weeks old.
5 weeks old

The best part of the weekend was enjoying loads of the high end, above ground swimming pool life.

What I also loved about last week...I lived without regret.


Anonymous said...

Love this post and especially how you ended it ~ just perfect. Can't believe how much that sweet Isabelle is changing. So happy that you got to have a sleepover ~ there is nothing quite like those.
I love you tons! LYG, N

Leah said...

Sounds like a crazy time for you....I love that your blog is so personal and that you share so much...when I see you I feel like no time has passed...lovely images!

Anonymous said...

I want that dress for me!
The pool seemed to be a ton of fun, and little Isabelle is darling. I want a sleepover now! Can you tell your assistant to pencil one in?! LOL


So cute! LOVE the hat! The kiddos are SO cute!