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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sadly, this horrible stretch of sickies in my house....put me waaaaay behind in work. I recently just sat down and finished my cousin's newborn session, while I was editing I realized how much I missed this outlet. And working felt fabulous...never thought those words would come out so sweetly but it's so true.

My cousin and her precious baby I.

Most newborns photograph easier when they're asleep. When they're awake, they tend to be more jerky and not quite as content. However, little Miss baby I....was awake and very content just being.
With every newborn session, I ask for families to include any pieces from their babies nursery that would make this session complete...anything that has sentimental value or they want included as an important piece from their baby's newborn days. Below is a blanket my other cousin, her sister, gave baby I. It was simply gorgeous.
Aung and David, thank you again being wonderful to work with. And thank you for your patience.

And the saga continues. I wish I could write that it didn't get worse from my last visit to Urgent Care. But it did...early Saturday morning I came down with the yuckies and have been miserable since. Thinking my babies might of had an ounce of this, just breaks my heart. I tell you, it is horrible and would never wish it on anyone.

Then, Saturday night one of our A/C units went out and the side of my house where the kids sleep warmed up to 85 degrees! Yikes! Needless to say, I moved the kids over to my side of the house and we had a slumber party. Thankfully, the most amazing A/C man was at our house first thing in Sunday morning repairing our unit...and let there be air again! Again, I love good people!

Unfortunately, I had a newborn session Sunday morning that was rescheduled. I was seriously bummed about this one...I had been looking forward to it. Now I will just anticipate it that more...

So readers, I plan on this being the very last entry in my Proffit Germ Pit Diary. By God, I don't think it could go beyond 10 days...but at this point, I wouldn't be shocked. At this point, I'm praying for only good times...a quick trip to Target for vitamins galore and scheduling an appointment for flu shots ASAP. Whatever vitamins I find I will buy and this will not be happening again!


Anonymous said...

These pictures are beautiful and hopefully this day and the days to come are healthy ones. LYG, N

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Anonymous said...

I so enjoy all your photos and medodic "voice' of narration. Your kids are balls of joy!! Soccer even!
Stay happy and healthy,
Ann Brabec