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Monday, August 31, 2009

My baby is 8 months old...that means 4 months until he's one! But, I think I'm going to stick with 8 months ago he was born....that seems closer to his newborn days then closer to being a year!

A few fun facts on my Easton...
1. He likes wearing baseball hats...which is good since baseball's in his future.
2. He has two top teeth ready to bust out any second.
3. Starting to develop quite the attitude. When he gets upset, he just shakes his head left and right.
4. Still giggles and smiles BIG when he sees me...I'll keep you posted when he's 13.
5. Crawls with one knee to the floor and a foot to help him scoot along.
6. Follows his sisters
7. Has figured out which closed doors are to the good rooms...good in terms of fun stuff to NOT chew on! {his sister's room}
8. Loves his dog....and his dog's rawhide. Ewwwww!
9. LOVES to be held.
10. Can feed himself finger food now. {sniff sniff}
When I was taking his picture today, Camryn kept sneeking in.
So, of course she joined the fun. And she had fun posing ideas. This was THE pose she wanted. And Easton not quite figuring out what she's up to.
Also, a while back I mentioned that I was starting to work with an Etsy designer. Here is a small sample of what's to come! All I can write is there are some darn cute pieces...that if you're a photographer or mom...you will want.

Below are two fun snips of two of her cutest creations...that I will be having Easton's ultra fun, 8 month session with.
This two piece set is ADORABLE! So...stay tuned for the must haves...!

Hopefully up next....more sneak peek from the very patient T family! And pictures from my twin's first soccer practice...yep, watch out houses with windows. I'm letting my kickers loose...and with ultra cute soccer balls! I love my sporty, stylin' girls!


Kim Weiss said...

Now that is a smile that can light up the whole world!! Loving the little teases of new items!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh,those sweet babies (see I STILL think the girls are babies, but don't tell them :) I can't wait to come to soccer practice!!!!LYG, N

SloneFamily said...

That boy is TOO cute!!!! Love him!

Cheela said...

How precious he is, as well as those darling girls. Enjoy it as much as you can, Tami. They grow up so quickly!! I am sure Easton will be as great a young man as his dad!!