Back again!

Friday, August 28, 2009

All I can say is I truly believe my house was the uncover operation for CDC...called operation germ pit.

Case Study: Affects of three children, 3 and under, faced with every infection and germ known to mankind placed on a mother's mental status when husband is out of town.

For those that called to check on me....gave their kindest sympathies and one friend gave me the permanent "poor me" card for the following week. I tell you, I was in a bad place, like if you called me...I might have broken into tears, or began speaking in a cursing tongue, or just sat in silence. Seriously, some friends had to actually ask if I was still on the other end of the phone line...because they could literally hear crickets chirping. But, it was so good to hear another adult's that didn't whine, cry, beg for more juice or puke.

Wednesday night, I was done...D O N E! I had nothing left in me! And just when I thought it couldn't get worse...Friday morning I woke up to my son covered in hives and a couple large hot circles on his legs. So, I loaded my kids and I for a doctor's visit...where, yep, I gave another donation...or I could view it as paid adult conversation.

By this time, I couldn't do anything but give the goofy laugh. Sadly, the doctor asked if I was okay and said I looked like I had been having a rough time. Really? And I thought I actually looked decent considering the circumstances...but I laughed and thanked her for being honest. That I did feel like hell had driven over me, then reversed and repeated this process 50 times. It probably didn't help the we were all in our pajama's...yes, we WERE that family! However, I do think my diva Cashlyn requires therapy after going in public in her pj's...this DID NOT go over easily!

Then...I thought it couldn't get worse until 7 pm yesterday Cashlyn started complaining about her ear hurting. That is when I think my knees buckled and I giggled hard and OUT LOUD! My bestie happily came over to watch my other two while I headed out to Urgent Care where we heard she had a double ear infection. NICE! But then, my day got better believe it or not.

I struggled finding a pharmacy open at 9:45. When I went to the last pharmacy and asked where the nearest 24/7 pharmacy was, with tears welling up in my eyes from exhaustion, the pharmacist was a ray of sunshine and filled my perscription but made me swear to secrecy to not tell, shhhhhhh! I love good people...

As of now, I do believe my home is germ free. But I am in the process of washing everything down with Lysol Bleach, with an anti germ garlic necklace.

The best part of these past two days, was taking care of my babies and letting my business just take a backseat. I had to remember to breathe. And I relaxed because of some fabulous clients that told me...they were in no hurry and to take my time. So thank you! Thank you fabulous people!

Between doctor appointments we had a princess tea party, played baby/mam bear, dressed up in tons of princess dresses, played hair dresser, did puzzles, painted and slept together in my bed! Oh, and I can't forget to add that I think we watched enough television that our brains are officially baby food.


velvet brick said...

Okay, Tami...I shouldn't be doing this, but I'm giggling at your story here!! It's AWEFUL AND WOEFUL AND I FEEL SO BADLY FOR ALL YOU AND THE KIDDOS HAVE GONE THROUGH....BUT, your account of it is just plain funny!

Blessings to all of the people who helped you out, were understanding and made a horrible week a bit better. And girlfriend, you ARE going to give YOURSELF a day to get your feet back under you, AREN'T YOU??!!???

I hope the germs have packed up and heading out and the kiddos are feeling better today. Take care of yourself, too, mommy... sending hugs your way...

Anonymous said...

A DOUBLE EAR INFECTION????? Yikes Tami, I'm just exhausted hearing all of this. The PJ thing still cracks me up. By the time I get there everyone will be well (thank goodness for you, the kids and of course me)but I will help out in any way I can. Hang in there.LYG, N

Leah said...

I so hate when my little ones are sick....sounds like a nightmare...hope everyone is back to normal soon!

VICKI LYNN PHOTOGRAPHY said... poor thing! You deserve a vacation mama!!! You need a nice day alone or better yet, away with some of your fabulous friends!

Hang in there, sounds like the storm hit so it's gotta get better from here!

Let me know if you need anything! ;)

SloneFamily said...

Tami Tami Tami! I just checked back in from our Vaca and same thing am giggling a little because I can so relate to having weeks like those and I am thinking I am due for one pretty soon {Knocking on Wood}. Well we have some catching up to do lady, lets do a house play date where we can crank the AC up :)