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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I're probably thinking this will be another cheesy post about how I love children, family, etc. But this post came from something incredible that happened...

With each session I have with a family, I leave smiling and proud that I was chosen to capture their family. And this means the world to me.

However, recently I had a family schedule a session with me that made me think...think deep...and think about each of the families. You see, this family was affected by a tragedy two years ago. A tragedy I knew about...a tragedy that brought both my husband and I to tears. While I no longer follow their tragedy as closely as I had... I've kept up with their journey. And, with each update...I can't help but have my eyes opened to the strength within this family.
For the last few days, I've been speechless that I am able to work with them in capturing this love...The unconditional love you know exists and that they live and breathe it each day. They are a true example of this love. And I get to work with them...and I get to capture this.

Which led to...I get to capture each client's love. The love they created within their family. The love they are proud of. The love that binds them through their tough times, the love that strengthens them during their weak times and the love that raises their happy times to the heavens.

It is this reminder that keeps me working when it's 1 in the morning, knowing my babies will be awake in 5 hours.
Here is a darling from today's fabulous family session! You probably wouldn't believe it...but she will be a year old in a few weeks. And, 1 year olds aren't the easiest to's nonstop action. But when it came down to it...she was all grins and worked the camera for me. Which...equals...the horrible disease I'm still seeking treatment's called...
The Chronic Overshooter Disease.
Now tell could you put the camera down when this little miss is in front of it.
Today's shoot took place during a typical 107 degree day...needless to say, flushed cheeks became an accessory. While most of it can be taken care of in post processing, it added a little extra something.
To the Peterson Family...I loved every single second with you. EVERY.SINGLE.SECOND!
Sadly, right after this session...I got a call from my husband saying my Cashlyn had been vomiting and was begging for me. {insert heart breaking} So, my plans of getting groceries was no longer an option. I HAD TO GET TO MY BABY!

This is where exhaustion overload hits.

FYI...last Wednesday Camryn came down with a super high fever and was the sickest I've seen her. Easton came down with a high fever Monday morning and extremely inflamed eye after a week of him deciding naps weren't necessary and waking up 5 times a night was his new norm. Then Monday night, I took Easton in to Urgent Care at 7 pm and not coming home until 10:30. I took him in thinking he might have an ear infection, which he didn't, and actually just made a nice donation to this medical center and had a small chat while there. Today, Easton still has the fever. Then this morning, Cashlyn woke up feeling sick and also with a high fever...was I shocked no. So...I think we have officially had the longest germ investation stretch for our family. What tops this that my husband was gone last week for 4 days and will be again leaving for 4 days tomorrow. Yep...good times.

So, after tonight, I will be taking the next 24 hours off to just decompress and snuggle with ALL my sick babies and find some sort of zen from cartoon movies. All I know...Madagascar and Ice Age ROCKS.


Jessica N. said...

Ice Age saves the day! I hope your family gets better soon. Staying up until 1 consistently would be so hard on me. Get some rest!

Anonymous said...

Oh Tami, I couldn't be happier that you get to photograph the very special family you spoke about. They will LOVE having you! These pics on your post are just darling AND I'm so sorry for your poor babies and YOU. Hang in there ... I'm coming! LYG, N


Love the photos and so sorry to hear of your little munchkins. :(

Thanks for the giggle about the movies....HILARIOIUS!