Casual & Unique

Sunday, August 2, 2009

A while back I wrote that I would start featuring my products as a manner of providing additional examples, along with adding new gallery pieces to my product line. And, sadly I have not kept any of you in the loop of my search.

Please know that I have spent this entire summer searching, ordering, reviewing and procrastinating the decision process. Why? Well, I'm horrible at making decisions. Like, annoyingly horrible. But, in a good way.

When I research and sample products available (and trust me there are a TON), I look for what is best in showcasing my client's portrait investment while ensuring cohesion with my photographic style.

Today, I finally decided on my newest, most coveted and couldn't be happier to announce product. When it came to the decision, I went with the line that I have always been drawn to.

Here are two, teeny weeny samples of what makes this product that much better.

I've always been drawn to....the Casual & Unique. This product is both.

Now...I know it's evil to just tempt....product announcement will be soon. This week will kick off my product features....from prints to new products.

Personal Update:
This weekend I had the most unbelievable retreat. For the past 9 years, my bestie and I have treated ourselves to a relaxing day at a spa. But each year, we leave thinking how we NEED to stay the night after our spa treatments as we slowly return to our active life. This year, we did just that. About a month ago, we arranged a day at the Camelback Inn and spa, and stayed the night. All I can say....I was speechless for the entire day. But, I did find a way to talk when it was time to order pina colada's and mango margarita's while sitting poolside.

What was the cherry on my ice cream sundae was that we never had to leave the spa...we simply walked out in our robes to eat lunch, changed into swimsuits to sit pool side and sip drinks, and polished off our day in the steam room. It was incredible...simply what I needed after this week. was heavenly! We are already talking about our plans for next summer.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, I want to thank you all for the outpour of support from my published bad day. I've smiled with each concerned phone call, email and facebook message. Again, I am blessed. While reality SUCKS...this is when I feel it coming back around. THANK YOU!

What made me have a crocked smile is when my mothers, sisters and best friends had my phone ringing like an old telephone circut board with their....whats!?! Needless to say, I learned the lesson that I might be as tad too private if I'm not giving them updates before blogging my bad day. To all my ladies...I REALLY do love you and a huge public thank you for always being there!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it GREAT that so many of us LOVE and CARE about you? Papa and I had an absolutely FABULOUS time with the campers on Sunday ... neither one of us could believe how tired we were when we got home and it was a most enjoyable day full of laughter! Glad to hear that your pampering was perfect! You both needed and deserved it! LYG, N