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Thursday, July 30, 2009

A little background...
My dear Camryn is a bug fanatic, bug enthusiast, bug stalker, and bug lover. She has some sort of bug radar in her and has this ability to find the tiniest bug right when we're in the middle of doing a mad dash into a store when it's 115 degrees outside, or quickly rushing into an appointment we're late to, or interrupting dance class because she saw a bug walk 15 feet in front of her. No joke, today her dance teacher brought me a bug that Cam HAD to have but wouldn't put down during dance.

When she spots a bug, she literally stops dead her tracks, drops to her knees and picks up the bug. It doesn't matter where she is...she just STOPS! While it's absolutely adorable, it is frustrating as it's not always the most convenient. Why....because I'm always juggling a baby, stroller, diaper bag, holding one to two hands or pushing a basket when she HAS to stop. But then I remember how I loved bugs when I was little. My grandmother once said that bugs didn't stand a chance if my twin, Pam, and I were around.

That's Cam.
But, one way I've been trying to keep my home from becoming a bug refuge or permanant resting place for bugs/ telling her we have to leave the bug or his/her mommy won't be able to find it. It worked for a while but now she just says that the bug wants to be with her forever and never leave (said in the most dramatic tone of course)!

Now to backtrack a few days, when we left for the mini shoot of my niece, Cam found another bug...shocking I know. I did the standard,

ME~ Oh isn't he cute! Okay, now say goodbye so his mommy can come find him!"
cam~ But mom, I DO love him. I don't like his mommy! I love him. (now holding the bug)
ME~ No, seriously Cam...PUT. DOWN. THE. BUG! NOW!
Cam~ But I love him mom.
ME~ I know Cam, but we can't take EVERY bug with us and I WON'T willingly have a bug living in my car.
Cam ~ (now getting in the car after putting the bug down) I'm not very happy mom. I don't like not having the bug. I'm angry!
(enter Cash, my realist)
Cash~ But Cam, the bug needs his mommy. You would be sad if you lost your mommy.
Cam~ But the bug wants to snuggle with me.
Cash~ (giggling) That's silly Cam, we don't snuggle with bugs. Do we mom?
ME~ No Cash, we don't snuggle with bugs. Their dirty. (insert my germ phobia, add to list of girl's therapy issues) We just look at them.
(I'm now backing out of the driveway)
Cam~ But mom, I love Sherman.
(me quickly stopping in the driveway)
ME~ Oh! He's Sherman. Let's take a picture of Sherman.
Kaeleigh~ (niece) Wait! You just were leaving the bug but now you want to take a picture of it because it has a name.
ME~ Yep! The first bug she's named! How cute is THAT!?!

Here is the fabulous Sherman! With a broken leg though and sleeping! (wink wink)

My Camryn does have a cute little bug house. For the past week, this house became the final resting place for a large moth, several earwigs, tiny beetles and a small cricket. I came into the television room to Cam rapidly shaking the house and calling out to the bugs to wake up....repeatedly! Today we had the talk about how her bugs sleep a LOT! And she thought it would be a good idea if we put them into the backyard for them to wake up and play. So, we released them.

My Cam...she really puts a BIG smile on my face.

Personal UPDATE:
First, I want to thank all of you for the sweet emails starting as early as 6 am (thank you Jodie), the phone calls through the day and hearing from my sweetest friend who moved far away, Maggie.

Thank you...thank you for caring. While yesterday's post was bit dramatic and probably looks more doom and gloom than needed, my stomach was in tight knots from the slap of reality we faced. And without totally putting it out there, everyone is life is good. When it comes down to it...we have three beautiful children that keep us grounded and remind us of our blessings. We also have incredible friends that are there for us all are my friend.

Thank you and I'm smiling now!


SloneFamily said...

You are hilarious.... I can't believe you got out to take his picture. She is too cute and I truly cannot believe how she really will see a tiny tiny bug and everything else is out the window. What a sweet spirit!

Shore said...

Does she watch Backyardigans? Sherman the worm"in" is in one of peytee's favorite episodes! I can't believe you took a picture of it! too cute!

Anonymous said...

you are an amazing talent, in both photography and writing! I look forward to reading your new posts, especially the personal ones where you share a bit of yourself and family. I'm always left smiling at the craziness of your life and wonder, "how does she do it?".

Sending BIG hugs your way!

Rebekha P.

Tami Proffitt said...

To all of you....THANK YOU! Thank you for not only taking the time to make me smile with your comments but for reading my ramblings...sometimes long winded!

And Rebekha...thank you! I don't know you but I think I love you for sharing such sweet compliments and kind words. I can't tell you enough how your really made me smile with this. And, I guarantee I will smile the rest of today and brag about your comment to anybody that I talk to! Thankfully my two mothers, my mom and M.I.L, listening to my tell my bragging moments similar to those when I was in 4th grade!

Thank you Rebekha! Really, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Silly girl, you know me :) I just usually post as RP...(Rebekha Pailliotet aka Pieotay). You are my inspiration in the photography world!

Tami Proffitt said...

woohoo rebekha! now, thinking that quick on my feet would probably require more sleep! THANK YOU! Thank you for writing it! You are too sweet...

Maggie McDonald said...

LOVE you, girlie. I laughed reading your Sherman story. Just a week ago I was talked into taking some MEGA bug pics of a cicada shell my kiddos found. We're so lucky our kids have all these crazy memories captured. It was *so special* to chat with you last night...always is. {mwah} ~m

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, I felt like I was right there with all of you and Sherman. You do have such an amazing talent with your writing . . . your voice really comes out and Papa and I were cracking up as Kelly read it to us since I couldn't get on my computer :( I LOVE listening to ANYTHING you have to say. I hope your day was absolutely wonderful today! You deserve some pampering. We are running to Heber tomorrow to visit the campers :) can't wait. LYG, N