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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

8 days ago, my twin sister delivered her second child...and I was able to be there!


7 pounds 6 oz
19.5 inches

Her long awaited arrival was filled with uneasy nerves as there were several bumbs in the pregnancy ... we began to count down the days to see her arrive safely. And she did make a sweet debut that leaves us thankful for God's miracles.

Now, for a little trip down memory lane... my sister 8 months pregnant.
And my niece, Isabelle...right after she arrived.
Isabelle...7 days old.
And I can guarantee I did NOT look this good a week after either of my pregnancies. I know I'm biased, but I think she looks stunning and showing off her proud mommy glow.

Here's a secret...while I share mostly color portraits on my blog...I'm truly a b/w lover. But, I'm incredibly picky about b/w conversions..and I mean obsessively picky. Occasionally, I'll come across a picture that I think it deserves only a black and white presentation.

The requirement, it must have a timeless and innocent feel to it.
While my sister was rocking Isabelle, I was captured one of her first of many smiles.

I'm thankful, thankful for God's miracles, thankful I was able to witness another birth and left incredibly jealous for the welcoming of another precious baby. I tell you...I could have enough children to fill a classroom.

I love pregnancy, I love delivery, I love babies and I simply love children.


Shore said...

The black and white one made me cry! She is precious! Please tell Pam congrats for me!

Anonymous said...

...and we love you too! I too am crying looking at these beautiful pictures. They ARE a wonderful family! Pam DOES look amazing ... but I always thought you did too! LYG, N

Jodie Allen said...

hi PAM (I didn't know your name until I read the first two comments!)...


I'm with Tami... I had BAGS under my eyes and looked a WRECK after ALL my kids! You look amazing!

And T... those photos are awesome! I love the b/w one but the birth one with the background so dark is by far my favorite!

Way to rock the sessionS for your sister!

Leah said...

What a special time for you and your wonderful that you were able to be there and share in that amazing experiance. She is just perfect and the images are wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!! They are all so amazing. How special that you were able to be there and capture it all. i was there when my niece was born and it was, and still is, one of the most amazing experiences in my life. Kim


Love them all! What a precious niece you have! Love the name too! :)

Amazing job as always!

Julie said...

Wow Pam looks amazing. She just glows. That is wonderful! The pictures in the hospital ....I just love them. How lucky your sister is to have you ...on so many levels but most certainly for being there to capture this beautiful moment. Love...Love your pictures!