Monday, February 18, 2008

...the cold bug! It has been officially one week since the cold hit my house AGAIN! I think germs like my house. The girls always have a fun game of ping pong with them. And after a week of this bug...my total sleep time is probably 10 hours. I might have been able to get more sleep if I wasn't sleeping horizontal, at the foot of my old full size bed. My girls are flippers in their sleep and I didn't want to get in their way...each time they rolled on me they would realize I was in bed with them. Ugh! I've been reminded why I don't let the girls sleep in my bed. But, there is an exception to every rule...especially when my babies are sick.

So right now...this is a clear picture of how I'm feeling about sleep right now. To get a clearer picture of me, replace the tutu with dark circles under the eyes and bags large enough to plant flowers in.

The good news is, my oldest twin caught the cold last and she finally slept through the night in her own bed! You better believe I was doing a triple arm pump in my sleep last night.


KramerKrew said...

Poor little girl was so tired.

Thanks again Tami, we had a blast!