Sunday, February 17, 2008

Here are two cutie patooties! Yes, they are twins. Their mother had such good spirits about this stage of twinhood...I however, only recall total exhaustion at this age.

It was fun getting to know these two. I always enjoy having time to share in the parents joy.

These two are pure sweetness!

Meet Miss"M"!
And her charming brother, Mr. "A"! The poor little guy is ready to have some new molars any day now! He has been living in drool city for a while now!

Check this blue eyed beauty out! The tutu is just the cherry on top of the perfect ice cream sundae! In a few days, I'll be posting more on these adorable tutus...

I just love Mr. "A's" toothy grin! Oh, I really do miss those days...not the exhausting part though.