More of Miss "A"

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

While editing a session, I begin to find more and more favorites. While I wish I could share the entire session with you, I'll just share my favorites. And there were A LOT of favorites from this session. They were an incredible family to photograph...what the future holds for them is beyond my imagination. So be ready, this is a long post with lots of pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Miss "A" was unbelieveably fun to photograph. When photographing children, I try to capture the many joys of their personality. Miss "A's" personality is all smiles...she is truly a happy and sweet girl.

Miss "A" has gorgeous dimples. When I asked her where she got them from, she replied, "I got them when I was born." A straight answer out of the mouth of a babe!

Can you guess where Miss "A" got her amazing personality?

The "L" family was incredibly relaxed in front of the camera. Which is a recipe for a great session.

I'm sure her mother is blushing right now from this picture of herself, but her blue eyes were beautiful. There is so much love for life in those eyes.


Anonymous said...

Dear Tami,
We viewed our pictures this morning, I wish you could have hear all the oowwws, aaahhs and squeals of delight. Thank you with all my heart, you have such amazing talent. Thank you for sharing yourself with us, Dawn. x