Who woulda thunk!

Monday, January 14, 2008

It wouldn't be fair for me to blog about photo sessions without giving a big thanks to the "M" family who has been with me since my film days. I have had the joy of photographing these precious boys since they were babies. I've had the joy of watching these adorable little guys grow. The funny part of this family is their father and I once dated when I was a sophmore, or junior, in high school. You know the real serious kind of relationships. The kind where you date for a month, then break up in a note. He has now moved on to greater things...such as an amazing wife and two beautiful children. His wife is talented in so many respects... She is the former owner of a home decor store in Gilbert. She has the golden touch of turning a bland room into an art masterpiece. There are walls in her home where she describes it as the shrine to Tami Proffitt photography. I am beyond flattered that she would include my photographs as additional pieces of decor.

I just love this picture... Mrs. "M's" grandmother was able to be a part of this family session. It is rare she visits Arizona and now I got one of her visits in pictures.

Little "L"...aaaa....dorable! He has such an awesome personality...full of life and energy. I love photographing 2 year olds.

Here is Little "H"...one of my all time favorite children to photograph. I can never get enough of his adorable face and how comfortable he is in front of the camera. He is one of the first babies I've photographed. I can't wait to see him as a teenager...he's already a heartbreaker! You might recognize this guy...he's been all over my website. Maybe one of these days I'll post a picture of him, from my film days, to see how he is just as cute as he was as a baby.

Here is my "ex", it's the guy...just so you know! It looks like he survived the breakup! Check out his gorgeous wife. Good looks + talented=a great catch. This picture is from a session from last spring.

Now who woulda thunk I'd be the family photographer of past high school boyfriend? Thank you "M" family for such a wonderful family to photograph. You are photographer's dream!


Kristin said...

Tami I know I am a little behind in times, but I am totally new to blogging! So, here it goes....my very 1st time! You are so talented beyond words! Not only are you a fabulous writer, but your photography is absolutley amazing! You bring tears to my eyes when I see these beautiful pictures. These are people I don't even know! I am very proud to think our family has grown with you since the film days... Oh! I should probablly mention that I also do tend to brag a bit about how Mr. M's one and only X-girlfriend from high school is our family photographer-we couldn't have picked a better one! Thank you for the wonderful compliments, but please know I think your talent exceeds mine by far! Your "shrine" in my house is not an accessory. Rather, much of what I have in my home is an accessory to what you give us for our wall of memories!