I'll say it again!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

And again and again and again! I love photographing toddlers. Check out this little cutie that came over to play with my girls. Little did she know, she would be followed with my camera. My girls kept smiling at her while thinking, Thank goodness it's you and not us!

Little Miss "R" is full of smiles and so much curiosity! Her eyes are are a gorgeous pale blue...absolutely too cute for words.

I love that smile and those piggies! She loved exploring the taste of sand! mmmmmm!Check out those eyes!

Miss "R" and my Miss "C" have the same attitude in life...embrace life to the fullest. Good thing I've been there done that in life...hopefully I can stay a few steps ahead of them! Here they're playing follow the leader...but it also looks like they came back from a slow jog! I love how my Miss"C" has the zipper down... she worked up a sweat from jogging. All that's missing is Miss "C's" gold chain.