Go Rincon!

Friday, January 18, 2008

This series of pictures is for the Rincon Alumni that read this blog! I hope you're surprised!

My husband's parents are alumni to the Tucson Rincon High School. When they saw my precious "C" in this sweetshirt they raved about how they loved her sporting a smaller version of their school sweatshirt. While I should've taken credit by saying, "Yes! You like the surprise!" I went for the boring truth by telling them it's actually the logo sweatshirt from the awesome Canadian Roots Athletic store...my French Canadian brother-in-law has great taste. Good thing they love me despite the truth.

This is my oldest twin... She is full of spunk...I like to call it passionate for life! She blew us away when she was not only smiling, but giggling at 5 weeks old. She has the most adorable and contagious giggle. Her laugh literally warms my heart with each giggle.


Mariah said...

She likes me!!!!! Such adorable pics!