Multiple steal deal!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The other day, I had a photo session with adorable 6 year old twin girls! This session sparked an idea for other mothers of multiples...doing a special for parents of multiples! This means twins, triplets, etc. There is nothing more special than having pictures as memories of the special relationships created with multiples! Memories for where they are in their life, at that moment! I will be offering a smoking deal on the session fee and the CD for personal printing. Of course we can't leave out their amazing siblings...there will also be a special for including them in the session.

I hope to get a good collection of various sets and display them in a gallery on my website. I'm so excited to get this going. If you have multiples, or know any parent with multiples, please send them this blog post and let's see if something can get worked out. They can contact me through the contact section on my website or at tpqueencreek{at}yahoo{dot}com.

Total session fee is due when your session is scheduled. Also, this special is for sessions booked in February and March only. I do a limited number of sessions per month so schedule soon!