Personal wall art!

Friday, January 25, 2008

What I love most about photography, is being able to create my own personal wall art. Art that tells the story of where I've been and how we've grown. In my home, my walls are decorated with various landscape portraits I've taken and portraits of my girls. When decorating our homes with portraits, it's all about how our prints are showcased. I'm often asked by clients on recommended print sizes and framing ideas.

When I'm choosing frames for my home, I try to make my frame fit the portrait. I either go with a fat, chunky frame with no or small matte or a detailed frame with a large matte area that wraps around the print. It is important in have the perfect showcase for your portrait that doesn't compete with it. From there, I then will choose the arrangement for my frames to attact eyes to that wall.

I am a huge Aaron Brothers frame store fan... I know Target and Kohls is the place that most buy their frames but Aaron Brothers truly has an endless selection of colors, sizes, and shapes. I was just there to find THE frame for a few prints I've made of my girls and came to find their One Cent sale is on... What is different about this sale from past sales is that you can now purchase any frame at regular price and get any other frame of your choice for one cent. I can't believe the deal!

So if you are in the market for new must visit this store! The sale ends this Sunday.