Extra Special Deal!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

After that post, I began to think...which is never good! My passion for children all started when I began working with children with special needs. I loved working with this population for one primary reason...I loved their love for life. The other main reason was my respect for them. I respected them for their tenacity in never giving up, nonjudgemental and unconditional love for everyone despite differences, and their courage to take on each day despite their challenges. Those are all qualities we should strive for on a daily basis.

So...here is a well deserved, special deal for those children. I will be giving away a free session and two free 8x10 prints from the session.

To make this decision easier for me, I need one of the following. You can do one of two things...either submit a short letter describing the energy in the child and why this session would be a true gift for your friend or have their parent submit the short letter. All submissions need to be received by February 3rd. A decision will be made on February 4th.

I now even more fired up for this new deal...I can't wait to meet the winner! So, help me find that perfect child to capture their spirit and beauty.