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Monday, November 17, 2014

Nothing better than getting to know a family since they welcomed their first son.  They're expecting their third baby boy in a couple weeks. Yep…she is itsy bitsy.  She was 36 weeks to be exact during their session.  

Their oldest son is too cute, during the session I kept thinking any minute he was going to start explaining to me aerodynamic science or something way over my head.  Aside from being one smart little guy, he quickly made himself the camera bag watcher and reminding me every time I walked away from it.  Seriously, THE cutest. And during my usual mixing up names routine from talking faster than I can think…he about had me laughing to the point of no return when he reminded me what his name was!  Again, THE cutest.
Adore, adore…ADORE!  
Favorite outtakes:
Dan…you nailed the classic 'this is going on the internet' look.


Nancy Proffitt said...

They look like such sweet brothers ~ wonderful pics! LYG