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Sunday, November 16, 2014

After going through at least a dozen dates for my twin sister's session with her kids…we finally nailed down one and planned to make it a quick family session too.  My twin and her husband's schedule are wonkers…he has a hockey league and traveling tons and she's a doctor traveling/working loads.  On the day we scheduled it, he came home from the ice rink…showered up, threw on his clothes and got fun family pictures with their dogs before their next appointments.  Their session was smack dab in the middle of the day.   But even if it was crazy busy, it was AMAZING and she's been long over due for family pictures. 

My adorable niece and nephew!  Are they not the cutest EVER!  We laugh ever time we stop and think that Pam could easy pull off their nanny since they look nothing like her.  Their dad is a French Canadian and look every bit the part…except Isa did get our Spanish skin tone.
Gah!  Fantabulous and gorgeous boy my nephew is!
They have two Dobermans, they are getting ready to say good bye to their first baby Princess and their newest Lady is keeping them smiling in all her puppy glory.
Dobermans generally don't look like the friendliest dogs, but they sure are friendliest, gentle and most loving.  It's probably helped since both of them grew up with being man handled by the kids
Their sweet Princess…completely worth the chaos of organizing this last minute session to have her in the pictures between schedules. She really is the best dog. My heart goes out to my twin's family...


Nancy Proffitt said...

AHHH ~ these turned out GREAT! I can't believe how big the kids are getting. So happy Princess was in these beautiful pictures! LYG