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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

After  finishing my very first entire summer off in over 8 years in business, I started back with the ideal session…a newborn session.  I've been fortunate to start photographing this family when they were expecting their first son.  When they scheduled this session in May, I couldn't wait until their second baby boy arrived.  As the due date was just a week away, I kept waiting for the text that he arrived.  Then the due date came and went.  Then I received the text I'd been waiting for.  He made a late arrival and was perfectly plump and healthy.

Introducing sweet baby Carter.
His mother, Elizabeth, is a good friend of my cousin and we both laugh when I ask her if there is anything that could make her mad or irritated.  Because I swear, she is the most calm and sweet girl that I couldn't imagine ever seeing her frustrated.   The pictures below are a couple of my favorites from the session. It perfectly captures how peaceful, calm and sweet she is. Even in the midst of the emotions and chaos that accompany a newborn session with a toddler.

The sweet big brother is slowly adjusting to his new life sharing his mom with his brother.   I think he was dealing with it just fine since we had quite the entertaining session with my assistant hiding behind me and pretending to have a dinosaur tickling me. But it worked for getting his adorable giggles and seeing the subtle dimple in his cheek.
How absolutely adorable is that little smile! He has the cutest little voice to match his cuteness.
We played games, his dad had a giant teddy bear behind me, we tried bribing and in the end, the winning ticket was giving him Tic Tacs.  It's this simple little bribing prop that will be the perfect memories to look back on and giggle when he's grown up.
I usually post the outtakes from the session, but surprisingly that only pictures another might think of as outtakes…I think are frame worthy. They absolutely crack me up with how it perfectly captures a family with a 2 year old.  

I couldn't say it enough, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures of how it is today and 
will be only memories soon.