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Friday, May 2, 2014

Writing that it's hard to believe that this amazing young lady is graduating would be impossible.  Because I just can't believe she is old enough to go to college.

She's our Nan…short for Savannah.  She's the daughter to my husband's best friend and her mother is his childhood friend he grew up fishing and camping with. And here she is, graduating.  I couldn't resist getting a little sappy and pulling pictures from her session when she turned 13.

We do love out Nan!
This picture below is so typical of Nan with mismatching socks.  She's a girl that beats to her own beat and confident with it…she was her own self back then and still is today.  Also have to add very patient, this sweet girl has been waiting 3 weeks to see her pictures.

And here is Nan just before graduation all grown up.

Her session was over the top fun!  I'm telling her the next time we take pictures we need to have a time limit together. Her and I couldn't stop laughing at typical senior poses, trying new things out and mostly laughing at things I'd say or attempts in posing that was an epic fail!  This girl is way too much fun to be around and seriously gorgeous inside and out.  And have to mention her killer legs…if I didn't feel like my legs were too old, I just might take up soccer if I could get her legs.

We scheduled her session at her grandparent's property, which is one of the properties I'm lucky enough to use for sessions.  Before her session, I wanted her to tell me the areas that were most important to her from what she remembers growing up.

Below is her great grandfather's truck.

The chicken coop that use to have chickens that she probably man handled or was bossing her twin brothers around to stay out of there.
The old wood pile that has been there forever.  She doesn't remember a time when this pile wasn't there, I like to call it the scorpion hotel.  (kidding, kinda not:))

There aren't many outtakes but a few pictures of my attempts that didn't quite work out like it was created in my mind. Her laughing was all at me, and I was laughing along with her.
 I love you Nan and thanks for an amazing time!
This wasn't my idea below, it's just a typical Savannah goof ball move.


NP said...

Well at least these pictures were worth the wait!!! They are all wonderful!!! Congrats beautiful Savannah! LYG, N