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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Every family I photograph, I have fun and memorable sessions with them.  I love getting to know them as a whole family and all the sweet details about each person that makes the family so complete.

This family is an extra special unique family I've photographed.  

Here is the initial email I received from her:

Hi Tami!
I just love your website - your photography is beautiful and I can tell you love what you do!!! I wanted to check with you to see if you would be interested in doing our family pictures.  We have not had a professional family picture done in over ten years!  I know - it’s terrible - where have the years gone?   Needless to say, our kids are no longer little,  they are 21 and 24, so I’m not sure it you are interested in our family at this stage in life! 
My husband and I live and work in North Dakota and our son is moving to AZ and will live in our (retirement) home that we purchased in Queen Creek in 2011.  My daughter is a senior in college at the University of Montana.  This will be the third Thanksgiving we will be spending in Queen Creek and I decided we need to have a family picture taken since it is so rare that we are  all together. 
Therefore, the date we would have to get our pictures taken would be the day after Thanksgiving, November 29th.  Please let me know if you have an opening that day, or if you are even working that day.

When I first read her email, the first thought that I had was, 'Nope, I don't schedule the day after Thanksgiving.'  But, I was curious how she found my photography and/or who referred her so I set up the first phone call.  When we spoke, aside from loving her North Dakota accent, she was incredibly sweet.  I talked with her also because I only schedule a new client after I've explained to them my style to be sure it's a good match for their family and since I'm a less than traditional photographer.  After speaking with her, I kinda fell in love with everything she described about her family.  And…and…I decided this was probably a family worth scheduling after Thanksgiving.  And OH MY…this family was so worth the time being away from my family while they were on a family weekend.  Seriously, every second with them was insanely memorable and fun.

Also, I was very flattered that she found me through a Google search and chose my photography over the many photographers she had to choose from.  WOW, that was a HUGE compliment too!

There isn't enough time in the day to rave about this family and everything that makes them fun, easy going, and natural.  

They are all very happy and laugh, A LOT!  

Their daughter is one of the amazing people that will be changing the world through her heart and hands.  She is actively involved in helping communities that are less fortunate, volunteers, travels to third world countries and the list goes on.  Take a good look at her because one day she will be making it in the news and showcased for the changes she makes.  

She puts truth in the phrase…
Be the change YOU want to see in the world.
Thank you Stoner family!  Thank you a million times over for choosing me to document this time in your lives that will never be the same again.  I pray our paths cross again!


Nancy Proffitt said...

What great pictures of this special family ~ they DID choose the right photographer!!!!! LYG