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Monday, December 9, 2013

It's hard to believe the first time I photographed this family they were expecting their first baby.  Two years later I photographed them as they're expecting their second…a baby boy.

The first time I photographed them, we just clicked together.  It was incredibly photographing such a young couple that simply wanted a session that captured their love.  Before this session, I gave them the basic run down of what they can expect from a session with an active and newly 2 year old.  And, I was warned she is very happy, fun and fast on her feet.  Also, she was asleep when they arrived to their session. Between the active toddler age and waking up from a nap, I was hoping the session wouldn't be filled with fast feet and a cranky baby and it was everything but that.  Which wasn't surprising she's just like her parents, very easy going and happy.  

Throughout the session I was hoping that I didn't offend them when I kept saying that I didn't believe one bit of them saying she could be sassy and super active.  Because she was everything but that!

Sweet sister Harlowe living it up before she's a big sister and having fun with her parents.

And per usual, I had a couple favorite outtakes.  I warned the dad that this was going on the internet…I couldn't resist.  He is just that fun and cute!


Nancy Proffitt said...

Wonderful pictures!!! LYG