He is officially 4! Trip down memory lane today…. | Tami Proffitt Photography

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I've ready to admit that I think I'm officially that obnoxious aunt that gets goggly eyes when I see kids I've photographed since they were babies every year. 

Seeing this little man this fall, that was a tough one to accept that he is officially 4 years old.

His mother texted me a picture from his birthday party and I begged that he was just turning 3.  
But nope…he is a big 4 year old.  
Which I thought it required a trip down memory lane from the first time I photographed him.  

4 months old…and already sitting up, for maybe 2 seconds before he toppled over.

And a 1  years old, his session was like a high speed chase trying to photograph him and entertained long enough to stay in one spot.
At 2, he made me REALLY REALLY work for his smiles.  And I mean REALLY work for them.  
At 4, we are buddies.  And he is all personality and all boy!  
His faces were cracking me up, and he does them on cue.

Happy birthday big guy! 


Nancy Proffitt said...

AHHH ~ so very cute! LYG