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Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm probably one of the biggest fans of this family.  My twins have played soccer with their oldest daughter for a couple years. 

And I was that creepy photographer that has thoughts of how giddy happy I'd be to photograph them. 
I just knew they would be fun.  Then when I received the message that they were wanting to hire me for a family session.  I'm pretty sure I called her right away giggling and screaming like I just won the lottery.

 Not only are they all gorgeous but they give true meaning to that quote that I can't remember the exact words so roll with me's to the tune of...

Beautiful people are the happiest people.

Their beauty is what shines from their happy, thoughtful and giving nature.  

The entire family is all happy.  And extremely laid back.  
I knew their session would be dreamy because I know their personalities...but had no idea that their session would be nothing short of perfection. 

Pure perfection!

Yes, I have massive hair envy for her gorgeous locks of hair.

 A little side story about their oldest daughter.  It wasn't hard to figure her out.  In the middle of soccer the heat of the game...if any player fell she would stop and help them up.  That is who she is. She is kind, thoughtful and all heart. 

For this session, we lived every word of ... chasing the light!
We knew we wanted the golden fall evening light and ended the session embracing the fall sunset until the very end.  A little different for me but it was fun to photograph in lighting a little out of my ordinary.

And, what is a blog post without fun outtakes from a session.  The mom in the family is all about being silly and makes the funniest faces, which is so normal for her and I love that.  


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