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Friday, October 4, 2013

Every year since my twins were born, I've worked late into the next morning.
Every year I've woken up irritable because I only got maybe 5 hours of sleep.
Every year I would juggle figuring out how to prep a meal for my family and 
rush off to a session after my husband just came home from work.

 I've cut back on the amount of sessions I schedule for the past two years
And every year I get better in not overbooking my calendar.  

Reducing my session schedule has been a very hard decision to make since my business has
been established by amazing clients that continue to refer my photography to their family and friends.  I will always accommodate my clients that I've been honored to photograph since the opening of my business and finding the best dates to have the opportunity to work with new families.

I've written it before but it is incredible how fast the years do pass and hard to believe
 that my twins will be 8 years old soon.  As the girls are getting older and more involved in their sports, I learning that being there to support them is what they need.  Sure, my husband is always there to support but my mommy heart hurts to not be there too.

Last year, my daughter Cashlyn rode her bike by herself when I wasn't there and I was sad to miss it.
It's those little moments like their first steps and first words that I want to be there to witness.
With this fall being the first season that my schedule has been cut back drastically, I couldn't be more thankful for the amazing clients and families that are flexible in coordinating with me.  Also, understanding that my babies come first.
Camryn still isn't too comfortable on her bike...which is baffling since she's my free and adventurous spirited daughter.  But Cashlyn is always there helping and encouraging her.

For now, Camryn's content just riding her scooter.  
One day she'll be peddling her bike but on her own time.


NP said...

AHHHH ~ these warm my heart!!! Can't wait to see them! LYG