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Monday, September 9, 2013

Sweet little Harper Grace is the youngest of three kids.  I've taken her brother and sister's pictures every birthday for 6 years and sadly, she's hasn't had the same.  Her birthday in November and the holiday session is basically her birthday session.   Bless her sweet little heart.  

The adorable baby that has been on the top of my blog is Harper when she was a week old.

Below...here one and only kind of birthday session when she turned one and it wasn't even a session.  Just snapped a few pictures for her birthday invitation and called it her one year session.  
I took this picture when she was 6 months old in Pinetop when we did her sister's 4th birthday session.  Are you getting the pattern here...poor baby just gets squeezed in with other sessions.  But, the best part is...her mother is my friend and doesn't like to bother me with taking her kids pictures since she knows personally how crazy by days are. Which is why she hasn't gotten her own little time to shine all by herself.
I thought it would be fun for Harper to get her own little debut all by herself on my blog from the fun we had together.
A few weeks ago, I took pictures of Harper and her sister Paisley...I had this vision of this location that I've loved and we finally coordinated a date.  The light from the sun when it's setting comes through the trees and is GORGEOUS!    The day we were going to take pictures...it was the fun and unexpected Arizona weather and clouds were rolling in.  I called my friend and had her meet me an hour earlier than planned...before the whatever light was left disappeared since the clouds will getting darker and bigger.

We didn't have the sweet sunlight that I wanted but the session was still adorable!  It's about the kids not the sun right?

Harper is the cutest little mini version of her mom.  She's all sillies, entertaining, loves to play in the dirt, friendly with everyone, but she's also sassy and has the cutest little stubborn personality.  Her mom says she can be naughty but I just can't believe it.
How cute is Harper Gracie!?
 LOVE the blue marker on her arm...that is so Harper.


Nancy Proffitt said...

What a little sweetie pie!!! LYG, N

The Allans said...

So stinking cute? Love her and your pictures!